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MARS germs could end all life on Earth if Earth germs don’t end all life on MARS




MARS germs could end all life on Earth if Earth germs don’t end all life on MARS


In the book, and films, called ”War of the Worlds”, the Martians all die from common Earth germs.


After hundreds of years, and millions of hours of research by doctors, science is still discovering new pandemic germs on Earth.




If Earth does not even know what all of it’s lethal germs are, how does it expect to know which lethal germs are on Mars, or get taken to Mars, by Elon Musk.




It is quite cavalier to think that dumping a few people on Mars to ”see what happens to them” is really such a great idea. Even if they don’t die, how will we know that they do not have an undetectable organism hibernating inside them, or mutating like the Earth flu mutates every year.




Humans have been proven to be in the unstoppable habit of destroying everything they get near on Earth. They will have even less concern about destroying Mars because it is ”far away”. Distance absolves, those in industry, from responsibility, it seems.




If Elon Musk wants to go to Mars so bad, we should cram him into the nose cone of a Saturn five rocket and shoot him to Mars, tomorrow, and be done with him and his self-aggrandizing proclimations. Just leave him there, though, to protect the Earth.


Nature Magazine warns us about the dangers:


Why hunting for life in Martian water will be a tricky task


The risk of microbial contamination could prevent humans and even robots from visiting the most promising parts of the red planet.



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An article by Scientific American.



NASA/JPL/University of Arizona


New evidence supports the hypothesis that present-day liquid water flows down these dark slopes on Mars, called recurring slope lineae.


NASA scientists announced today the best evidence yet that Mars, once thought dry, sterile and dead, may yet have life in it: Liquid water still flows on at least some parts of the red planet, seeping from slopes to accumulate in what might be life-nurturing pools at the bases of equatorial hills and craters. These remarkable sites on Mars may be the best locations in the Solar System to search for extant extraterrestrial life — but doing so will be far from easy.


Examining potentially habitable regions of Mars for signs of life is arguably the primary scientific justification for sending humans there — but according to a new joint review from the US National Academy of Sciences and the European Science Foundation, we are not presently prepared to do so.


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The problem is not exploding rockets, shrinking budgets, political gamesmanship or fickle public support — all the usual explanations spaceflight advocates offer for the generations-spanning lapse in human voyages anywhere beyond low Earth orbit. Rather, the problem is life itself — specifically, the tenacity of Earthly microbes, and the potential fragility of Martian ones. The easiest way to find life on Mars, it turns out, may be to import bacteria from Cape Canaveral, Florida — contamination that could sabotage the search for native Martians. The need to protect any possible Martian biosphere from Earthly contamination, the review’s authors wrote, could “prevent humans from landing in or entering areas” where Martian life might thrive. Although this sentiment is not new, its frank, formal acknowledgement in such an authoritative study is rare indeed. NASA is planning to send humans to Mars as soon as the 2030s; that such missions may unavoidably pose extreme contamination risks is understandably not something the agency is eager to highlight, even as it actively researches possible solutions to the problem.



More from Scientific American.


Historically, in the context of Mars such “planetary protection” has primarily concerned robotic exploration. The risk of contamination is an issue even for machines, which, unlike humans, can endure being fried with radiation and bathed in harsh chemicals prelaunch to eradicate bacterial stowaways. Microbes that stubbornly refuse to die nonetheless turn up with regularity in NASA’s supposedly sterile clean rooms for preparing interplanetary spacecraft. Apollo astronauts even found bacteria on the Moon that had survived an almost total vacuum inside the robotic Surveyor 3 lander that had touched down more than two and a half years earlier. If terrestrial microbes could live in places like that, why not in some of the more habitable parts of Mars?


Keeping it clean


The United Nations Outer Space Treaty of 1967 forbids the “harmful contamination” of other worlds with Earth’s biology, and an international organization called COSPAR (the Committee on Space Research) sets the planetary protection protocols for the United States, Europe, Russia and other signatory spacefaring nations to follow. To protect Mars, since 2002 COSPAR has designated restricted “Special Regions” on the planet where conditions are warm and wet enough to possibly support extant Martian life — or to allow Earthly invaders to gain a flagella-hold. Because of rapid, ongoing progress in our knowledge of the Martian environment and the fundamental limits of Earthly biology, the precise definitions for Special Regions remain works in progress that are officially revisited every two years. The new joint review, released last week, recommends revisions to the findings of a 2014 report on COSPAR’s Special Regions from NASA’s Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group.


The closer planetary scientists look at Mars, the more Special Regions they think they see. Special Regions pepper the planet’s equator and mid-latitudes, in eroded gullies and in steep, rocky slopes of hills and craters, where new evidence published September 28 in Nature Geoscience indicates that briny water flows and pools from aquifers during Martian summers. Special Regions can also be found in caves, beneath the polar ice caps and in geothermal hotspots of seismic or volcanic activity. As little as five meters below the surface, where groundwater may persist as ice, vast areas of the planet could be considered a Special Region, just waiting to be transformed into a welcoming, watery microbial Eden by the heat from a new-formed impact crater or the operations of a recently arrived spacecraft. Special Regions should also exist, the new review notes, at the still-unknown sources of mysterious methane emissions recently detected on Mars. On Earth it is generated chiefly by microbes but detectable quantities of the gas could also arise on Mars from abiotic sources, although those lifeless production routes would also require liquid water.


But knowing for certain whether any of these places are actually special probably requires visiting them — something that is very difficult to do under current protocols. Before a spacecraft can visit a Special Region it must in part or in whole be stringently sterilized according to strict rules, potentially adding years of development time and many millions of dollars onto a mission’s bottom line. Even then, the protocols may not be strict enough — current techniques are incapable of entirely cleansing a spacecraft of microbes, and no one really knows the threshold conditions for bacteria to create viable, self-sustaining colonies on Mars — or on Earth, for that matter.


Hunting for life


The agency’s first — and to date only — missions to Mars explicitly in search of life were the twin Viking landers, which landed on the red planet in 1976. All others since have focused on finding signs of life from Mars’ ancient past rather than its present. If even sterilized robots cannot be trusted to venture into Special Regions, what about microbe-riddled humans? If astronauts shall only be allowed to visit subpar locales to search for life on Mars, can NASA or any other entity justify the tens to hundreds of billions of dollars required to send them there? If a human crew lands in an area thought unpromising for biology but discovers habitable conditions or even something living there, would they have to immediately relocate, or even pack up their rocket and launch back to orbit? These and other unanswered questions show how in many ways, discovering a present-day Martian biosphere could be both the realization of NASA’s wildest dream and its worst nightmare. They explain as nothing else can the otherwise inexplicable fact that in the quest for extant life on Mars NASA has been judiciously avoiding the very places where it may most likely be found.


Carl Sagan famously mused that if life is ever found on the fourth rock from the sun, “Mars then belongs to the Martians, even if the Martians are only microbes.” In this view the planet would become a sacrosanct sanctuary, forever off-limits to encroaching humans. An alternate perspective holds that planetary protection efforts are futile, perhaps even naive: Thanks to likely contamination from earlier spacecraft, as well as ancient exchanges of material blasted between the planets by massive asteroid impacts, Mars has probably already experienced many waves of Earthly invaders — each of which could have been easily repulsed by any native, more adaptively fit biosphere.


Amid all the uncertainty, the new review notes, one thing is very clear: “The planetary protection implications of sending astronauts to Mars raises profound questions at the intersection of science, engineering, technology, project management and public policy.” The statement’s true meaning for NASA and other space agencies should be equally clear: Although inconvenient, the planetary protection issues associated with crewed missions to Mars are too severe to be dismissed, dodged or downplayed. Now is the time to begin addressing them. Otherwise, human voyages there may at best prove to be nonstarters and at worst become fiascos that forever extinguish hopes of studying pristine examples of Martian life.







Does Google Exist For The Core Purpose of Social and Political Manipulation?

New App helps you avoid getting raped, robbed or killed by Uber or Lyft drivers

New App helps you avoid getting raped, robbed or killed by Uber or Lyft drivers




Uber, Lyft and other driver services drivers may, or may not, be employees or contractors. They may or may not have cheated on their background checks. They may, or may not be sane. They may, or may not: kill you, rape, you rob you, beat you with a hammer, sell your home address, take you the long way around or cuss at you.



What can you do to protect yourself?



You get the new App: Uber-Shield



With Ubershield your entire experience with your Uber, or Lyft taxi ride is recorded on your phone, and your GPS route is logged, just like the NSA do with you. This time, though, you have access to the records whenever you want them.



Some drivers have been caught trading the addresses of hot young ladies they pick up. Others have been logging “walk-of-shame” rides from late night partiers that wake-up one place, and need to go back to their home or dorm.



Uber executives claim that Uber-Shield may be sponsored by an international alliance of taxi associations. In retribution Uber and Lyft drivers have loudly pointed out that “the backseats of taxi cabs are more encrusted with the thickest layers of blood, sperm and rectal fluids than any other surface on Earth”.



Shocked taxi association leaders responded that “not only is that not true, because that is why taxi seats are vinyl, so we can wipe them off every night, as you saw in the famous film: “Taxi Driver”; but Uber and Lyft drivers use their own cars, which have fabric seats, where the semen and rectal fluids crust into the upholstery, dry into clumps of crusty filth and can never be removed.”



Said one taxi official: “If you want to pay your good money to be driven around by a furry, flea infested, pink mustache, while sitting on top of mounds of encrusted semen, that is your business, otherwise, stick to taxi cabs. No taxi cab driver has ever tried to kill his passengers with hammers like Uber drivers do!”



Stay tuned for breaking news on these horrors

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There is no other purpose, on Earth, to drive a hundred thousand dollar car, unless you are worried that your penis is too small and that the world does not appreciate you for manipulating the stock market.



You are, what the rest of that Earth calls: “an asshole”.



You are misogynistic and abusive to women. You only like them as trophy wives and hired escorts. You think you are superior to everyone and immune from the law. You are only concerned about wealth, and control, and your greatest fear is that the other boys, in your club, will say that your wienie is smaller than theirs. This is why you are an asshole.



The entire TV series, called “Silicon Valley” is dedicated to you.



Under “business expenses”, on your tax form, you put “campaign bribes”.



You feel aloof and you have no cares about anything except yourself. You dream of talking about yourself on the stage of a self-aggrandizing TED talk. You worship federal tax subsidies for your company. You pray to the gods of AngelGate and the mighty commissioners of the NVCA that you will go another year without your bankers getting indicted. You are, truly, an asshole.



You pretend to like women, but is is all for show. What you really like is the gaping asshole oval on the front end of rich guy cars. No other car has, or needs an oval hole. Only you need this.



Ovals on the front of cars do not make them go faster, they do not cool them off better, they offer worse aerodynamics.



Ovals on the front of cars are there to accomplish only one purpose. They are their to warn the everyone, as you drive towards them, that an asshole is coming.



When the public sees the big black oval, on the front of one of your asshole cars, coming towards them, they think: “Oh My God, look, it’s another asshole, coming right down the road towards us.”



You think people are looking at you and thinking “my god I want that car, that man must be so lucky”.. WRONG. They are thinking you are an ASSHOLE.



We, the rest of the world, thought we should mention it. You may be laboring under a mis-perception about reality.



No, really; don’t thank us. It was the least we could do. Now go buy a Chrysler!








Detroit has a tiny bit more Water than Mars but you wouldn’t want to go live there on purpose.



If you had to go live in Detroit, it would cost you $34,000.00



If you had to go live on Mars it would cost you FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS



Detroit has a couple of trees still left. Mars has no trees. Mars has nothing pretty.



Detroit has air. It is polluted, by you can get by for a number of years on it, before your lungs decay. Mars has NO AIR. You can’t get by for even a few seconds.



Detroit gets cold in the Winter and hot in the Summer but the weather probably won’t kill you. Mars weather will kill you dead and freeze your wiener so cold it will snap right off.



On the upside, Detroit does not have endless deserts full of nothingness, emptiness and sadness.. oh wait.. I guess it does: It’s called Detroit!



Detroit is protected from Gamma and space radiation by a thick candy coating of atmospheric pollutants that hang over the city like a cloud of despair. Mars has no such protection. On Mars your cells will fry into a million mutated horrors but that is not the best part.



If your spaceship, on the way to Mars, does not leak, or get hit by one of the ten million meteorites that you will pass on the way, then something worse will happen: The gamma radiation and space radiation will give you cancer, brain dysfunction and blood diseases that will make a Detroit lead acid battery assembler, working for Ford Motor Company, look like he was handling candy bars at the Willy Wonka factory.



Detroit has plenty of 7/11’s and quickie marts. Mars: not so much. If you want something to snack on, you may be forced to eat your crew-mates.



Detroit has dust. Mars has an entire planet of dust. There are not enough ostrich feathers in the galaxy to make enough feather dusters for that red mess.



To see just how fun Mars can be, check out the typical day on a visit to Mars in Matt Damon’s new movie: The Martian. It is scientifically accurate.



Do like to go on dates? and OKCupid, on Mars, are known to have a very low rate of return. Expect to never have sex again if you go to Mars.



In Detroit, you can get Legionnaires Disease. On Mars you can get any disease in the galaxy because Mars does not have an atmosphere to burn up the space rocks that hit it from across the galaxy. Space germs are stuck on the sides of space rocks, asteroids, meteors and such. Earth burns them up in pretty little streaks of fire when the come to the blue planet. On Mars, after they squash you like in a road-runner cartoon, they just lay on the ground and let the germs out.



Detroit has the stinkiest sewers in America but Mars has no sewers. You poop – you keep it, on Mars.



Elon Musk, and a few geeks, desperately want to get away from the Earth and high-tail it off to Mars. Musk probably wants to hide out from all of the Government investigations and the Geeks imagine that sexy green Martian girls are lurking right behind the next boulder.



If the cracks on the Moon, all the dead seals, whales and birds, the floods and the droughts are really signaling the end of the Earth, then we blew it. We let it happen without a logical back-up plan. It is too late to move billions of people from one planet to the other. We had better enjoy the time we have here instead of sending a handful of folks to an actual copy if hell.



These trips to Mars are just scams to get some big federal contractors some juicy contracts that they can skim personal profits off of. Taxpayers should not be subsidizing Elon Musk’s next “model” wife!



NASA should take all the money and give it to Detroit. Detroit needs it far worse than the boulders on Mars need it.



If U.S. voters ordered their elected officials to get their damages from Saudi Arabia, every voter would get, at least, $100,000.00 in their pocket.


If U.S. voters ordered their elected officials to get their damages from Saudi Arabia, every voter would get, at least, $100,000.00 in their pocket.




By Walter Brown


The 2016 Foundation




They buy Beverly Hills and New Work mansions and then rape, imprison and abuse American women in them.



They run illegal, potentially lethal, high speed races through our towns with expensive sports cars.



They paid for the 9/11 attacks on American according to numerous U.S. Senators



They are the Saudi Arabian leaders.



Their American lobbyists and “Think Tanks” have, up until now, bought enough U.S. politicians to keep the heat off, but that heat shield is wearing thin.



Many Americans now want Congress to order U.S. resources to simply take all the money away from Saudi Arabian leaders.



The politicians cry: “Well, it isn’t that easy”, from their Virginia mansions but voters retort: “It is harder being broke because you politicians suck at your jobs!”. “Go get our money, we order you to!”



In the last great crash Congress created a fund called TARP and gave all of the money to bankers who embezzled it, stole it and gave almost none of it to the voters.



The public is not about to sit still for another one of those smoke screens. They want action and they want bold action.



Nobody is talking about taking money away from the poor Saudi Arabian common people. They are already abused by their own leaders.



Where did they get most of their money? From monopolies that they use against Americans. That is the money from American voters in their bank vaults. Americans have been forced to fill up their vaults, with their hard earned cash, every time the fill up their car or try to buy a home.



Their money was taken by a rigged monopoly game, but that wasn’t the worst part.



When you win in court, you get to take money from the other side, this is called a “damages award”. Justice has determined that, when the other side does bad things, it costs you money.



When Saudi’s rape, sexually abuse, imprison, stock market manipulate and..oh yes CAUSE 9/11 AND KILL THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS and the whole economy, that would meet, and exceed, the legal requirement for the quantifying of “damages”.



Citizens Groups, 9/11 victims, U.S. Senators and the general public want their money and their justice.



How will Washington respond?



Throw in Iran and each American voter would get $192,000.00 a piece.


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Science discovers that all women absorb the DNA of all men that they have sex with, and it can be tracked: The Cheat-A-Lyzer

Science discovers that all women absorb the DNA of all men that they have sex with, and it can be tracked: The Cheat-A-Lyzer



Marge Helgenberger taught us, via the TV show CSI, that nothing is hidden. Even she would be shocked at the progress that modern forensic genetics has made.



When you get a DNA test, they swab the inside of your cheek to get some of the best samples orally. When you have oral sex or make-out deeply, that same genetic materials is transferred.



When a man climaxes ON a woman, he has just put generic material on the largest digestive organ that the human body has: The Skin. Your skin can absorb any outside material into your system.



When a man climaxes inside a woman, he has just embedded his DNA, using turbo resources, into that woman.



Thanks to bio-revolutionaries like Peter Thiel and Google Ventures, the hand-held “Cheat-A-Lyzer” is coming. This PDA like gadget, or cell phone App will be able to test any woman to see who she had sex with. Just by rubbing it on a the lip of glass she drank from, sliding it over her arm or, possibly, even using hair samples, her sexual history can be revealed.



In response to the epic number of rape incidents at Stanford University, this device will protect woman and men from false, or denied, rape charges.



Husbands will be able to use the gadget to see if their wife has cheated on them.



Courts will be able to use the technology to assign paternity in paternity cases. Since babies have now been found to have the DNA of ALL of the men a woman had sex with, each man may have to pay a portion of the child costs. While more men will now be caught and held responsible for each bastard-child, they will each have to pay less money, per month, because they are sharing the cost with more other men, in each case.



These devices will never suffer Lois Lerner-like hard drive failures because the genetic memory is not digital, it is biological. Women hold this data within the cell structure of their bodies and it is UN-erasable.



The portable genome chip and the Star Trek-like hand held medical “Tri-Corder” have been in development for decades and they are now here. The task-specific versions of these pocket medical devices are now in testing stage for niche markets. As Ashley Madison taught us, the “Cheating Marketplace” is nearly a trillion dollar industry.



Isn’t science amazing?

We carry live DNA from all sperm ever touched –


Women (or men) absorb and carry living DNA and cells from every male they ever have had sexual intercouse with. In fact anyone who has …



This Study WIll Make You Think Twice About Who You Are Getting …


Mar 18, 2014 … They found that 21% of these women had male DNA. … This science puts a whole new meaning on sexual intercourse as a whole. …. Ingest it, digest it, inhale it, absorb it or inject it … at some point we all become a part of



DNA From Sperm Of Ex Partners Lingers In Female…


Oct 1, 2014 … When a woman breaks up with a man, she usually wants every remnant … able to resemble a mother’s previous sexual partner, even when conceived … due to molecules in the seminal fluid of the first mate being absorbed by …










We carry live DNA from all sperm ever touched –


Women (or men) absorb and carry living DNA and cells from every male they ever have had sexual intercouse with. In fact anyone who has …



This Study WIll Make You Think Twice About Who You Are Getting …


Mar 18, 2014 … They found that 21% of these women had male DNA. … This science puts a whole new meaning on sexual intercourse as a whole. …. Ingest it, digest it, inhale it, absorb it or inject it … at some point we all become a part of



DNA From Sperm Of Ex Partners Lingers In Female…


Oct 1, 2014 … When a woman breaks up with a man, she usually wants every remnant … able to resemble a mother’s previous sexual partner, even when conceived … due to molecules in the seminal fluid of the first mate being absorbed by …



Women absorb and carry living DNA and cells from every male they …


Especially promiscuous women who practice unprotected sexual intercourse. Every male you absorb spermatazoa from becomes a living part …



Women carry living DNA & cells of all old…


Aug 17, 2013 … Women absorb and carry living DNA and cells from every male they have … In addition, the possibility of fetal microchimerism due to sexual …



EVOLVEFEST – DID YOU KNOW? Women (or men) absorb


Women (or men) absorb and carry living DNA and cells from every male they ever have had sexual intercouse with. In fact anyone who has assumed male …



PubMed: Women Carry DNA of Casual Sex Partners for Life … – Reddit


Dec 6, 2014 … RESULTS: Male microchimerism was found in 21% of women overall. ….. You would be unable to know if all the dna was from sex. …. systems are used to digest and process the ejaculations from all these different guys.



Research Suggests That A Woman’s Body Incorporates…


Sep 8, 2015 … The first is that a woman can absorb enough DNA during her … If a woman absorbs Y-chromosome genes from male sperm via casual sex, this …



How Previous Sexual Partners Affect Offspring | TIME


Oct 3, 2014 … “The genetic tests showed that even though the second male … (but not the DNA– containing sperm)—that could show up in her future offspring with another mate. … At that stage, the eggs are more receptive to absorbing factors in … out to be large, just like the first males the females had sexual contact with.


How Previous Sexual Partners Affect Offspring


Weird – Your Baby Could Have DNA From Past Lovers…


Oct 3, 2014 … The theory is that the sperm can be absorbed by eggs that are not yet … if a woman has had lots of sexual contacts with various men before her …



Do you carry DNA of former lovers in your body? – Free Republic


Jan 28, 2011 … While the number of women bearing male DNA was highest in the groups that had … remote, that cells from a lover may pass be transmitted during sex. ….. The spin you have absorbed is the doctrine of a church, not the Word.



ManTalk – Researchers Say Women May Absorb DNA in…


4 days ago … … Say Women May Absorb DNA in Sperm from Every Sexual Partner … How about that Tinder guy you hooked up with on the first date? Do you …













On Sept. 28, 2015 NASA will make an announcement about something discovered on MARS that no living human will want to miss!

NASA Will Reveal a “Major Science Finding” About Mars on Monday

NASA to Announce Mars Mystery Solved

“**Nature Geoscience has Embargoed Details until 8 a.m. PDT/11 a.m. EDT Sept. 28)**

NASA will detail a major science finding from the agency’s ongoing exploration of Mars during a news briefing at 8:30 a.m. PDT (11:30 a.m. EDT) on Monday, Sept. 28 at the James Webb Auditorium at NASA Headquarters in Washington. The event will be broadcast live on NASA Television and the agency’s website.”

Keith’s note: As is standard practice NASA JPL and researchers have already provided advance information on this news to hand-picked news media – but not to others. But let’s try and figure out what the big ‘ol mystery is. Lujendra Ojha is one of the presenters at the press event and he’s totally into recurring slope lineae on Mars using MRO. Alfred McEwen is a frequent co-author. And they have been trying to figure out how these features form on Mars. One would assume that they have figured that out.

NASA Mars Orbiters See Clues to Possible Water Flows (2014)

“We still don’t have a smoking gun for existence of water in RSL [recurring slope lineae], although we’re not sure how this process would take place without water,” said Lujendra Ojha, a graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, and lead author of two new reports about these flows. He originally discovered them while an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, Tucson, three years ago, in images from the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.”

Was the “residue of life” finally discovered?

California Tax Officials Charged with Putting Lois Lerner-type hit jobs on citizens who offend Obama and his campaign backers.



California Tax Officials Charged with Putting Lois Lerner-type hit jobs on citizens who offend Obama and his campaign backers.



By Tom Aniston



A number of California companies, who competed with campaign billionaires, had “hit jobs” put on them by State officials, who got “their trolley greased” by those same campaign billionaires. It was LOIS LERNER 2.0



You see, billionaires are stupid, about anything technical. They just pick any technology, that they can hype and control, and kill off anything that tries to compete. They are great at rigging the stock market, but that is about as far as their knowledge goes. They don’t care how good a technology is, they care how fast they can skim their percentage off the top.



As Mike Judge’s amazing TV series: “Silicon Valley”, documents in intimate detail; these billionaires are “assholes” addicted to power. In San Francisco’s notorious “AngelGate” and “No Poaching Conspiracy” scandals, the very words of these “assholes” are publicly outed for the whole world to gasp at. Their collusion programs, and rigging-of-the-game is Machiavellian.



They don’t really ever pick good technologies, they pick technologies that they think they can build a cartel, and a technology monopoly, around.



They act like bitchy little girls when anybody builds a better mousetrap. “How dare they use actual innovation!”, they cry in horror. They even tried to outlaw the U.S. Patent office in order to halt domestic innovation.



Some California companies came up with some technologies that pissed off the Silicon Valley Cartel, because those technologies obsoleted the monopolies they had staged. You know California; they are always so creative out West.



The Silicon Valley Cartel motto is: “If you don’t play in our sandbox, you don’t get to play at all”. The Cartel used their considerable cash, and their political puppet strings in Sacramento, to sabotage the offenders. They had their elected, and appointed, politicians, do much of their dirty work.



It is a proven, and documented, fact that Elon Musk, John Doeer, Steve Jurvetson and Eric Schmidt, directly and indirectly, funded Obama’s, Reid’s and Feinstein’s campaigns. You can do the research and confirm this. They also funded some lesser known California state officials including the Attorney General and others. This is no longer an issue in debate. It is a post-Snowden election year and EVERYTHING is now visible to the world.



It is a proven ,and documented fact, that Elon Musk, John Doeer, Steve Jurvetson and Eric Schmidt, directly and indirectly, received hundreds of millions of dollars in kick-backs from Obama, Reid and Feinstein campaigns.



It is a proven and documented fact that Elon Musk, John Doeer, Steve Jurvetson and Eric Schmidt, directly and indirectly, received exclusive tax waivers and gifts from California’s tax dude: Bill Lockyer, in the California State Capitol, that totaled billions of dollars in upside. When the competitors tried to get those same resources they were lied to, stone-walled, blockaded, and fined. Nobody but those campaign financiers got those billions of dollars of special, personal, exclusive tax-payola fixes.



It is a proven, and documented, fact that Elon Musk, John Doeer, Steve Jurvetson and Eric Schmidt, directly and indirectly, had a relationship with Solyndra, which was raided by the FBI, shut down and cost taxpayers half a trillion dollars in losses.



It is a proven and documented fact that Elon Musk, John Doeer, Steve Jurvetson and Eric Schmidt, directly and indirectly, had a financial relationship with Dianne Feinstein, who lobbied to fund Solyndra and Tesla, and had her family control the construction, staffing, real estate, contracting, and stock pumps for those companies which sit on the same plot of land.



It is a proven, and documented fact, based on existing records, case numbers and public testimony that the FBI, the GAO, The San Francisco Police Department, The U.S. Senate Ethics Committee, The OSC, The Inspector General, and numerous other agencies, have criminal complaints on file against all of the above parties.



It is a proven, and documented fact, that Elon Musk, John Doeer, Steve Jurvetson and Eric Schmidt, are the only living humans on Earth to have all of these “coincidences” all line up with just, and only, them and to also be the only people on Earth to receive, what has now amounted to, hundreds of billions of dollars of cash from the pockets of the public via the politicians they funded.



In the most ironic of “coincidences”, the very companies that had the technologies which obsoleted the Cartel activities of campaign financiers Elon Musk, John Doeer and the rest, were the only ones to get targeted, and sabotaged, by the very same state officials who had given Elon Musk, John Doeer, Steve Jurvetson and Eric Schmidt all of their gifts; and gotten backing from Elon Musk, John Doeer, Steve Jurvetson and Eric Schmidt.



What are the odds of that!? Isn’t that just a funny set of “coincidences”?



Actually, we checked with University mathematicians, the odds are the same odds as the likelihood that you will sprout wings and fly to the Moon. There is no possible way all of those things could have happened without an epic corruption scheme being operated by those people.



So you have 1.) Motive, 2.) Means, 3.) Intent, 4.) Documented action, 5.) Proven links between steering and unjust rewards 6.) Discovery of unjust rewards exclusively in the hands of the perpetrators, 7.) Leaked documents which confirm, 8.) Multiple published reports which verify



…and that’s not all.




You only need 5 of those things to convict for a felony.



The “I don’t know ‘nuthin” attitude of the California Secretary of State, the California Attorney General and the Chief Officers at the Franchise Tax Board might have something to do with their financial, stock market, personal and campaign relationships with Elon Musk, John Doeer, Steve Jurvetson, Eric Schmidt and their little boys club.



Solyndra, and the rest of the Steven Chu disaster companies, were just all one big kick-back scheme and FlashBoy stock pump scam. Everybody in the scam got plenty of cash to buy their new Tesla’s, hookers and condo’s with. The public got screwed, though.



The complainants have sent those State Officials volumes of letters and inquiries for over a year. Not a single one of those State officials, or their staff, have provided a responsive answer. They think they can stone-wall by pulling the same “don’t respond or say anything” tricks that the IRS tried with the Senate. That, though, is also a felony and results in Conspiracy charges in civil litigation.



The facts show that California State officials engaged in corrupt felony-class kick-back schemes. The State of California needs to “man up” and take responsibility, or face the voter consequences in the Court of Public Embarrassment.



State Justice Department insider Ken Alex is in a quandary. Attorney General Kamala Harris is in a stew.



Let’s take poor Kamala. Obama publicly said he had the hots for her. She wants Silicon Valley cartel cash so she can run for the next rung on the political ladder. But!, in order to do her job without looking like a patsy, she has to arrest and indict the very Obama Silicon Valley campaign financiers that she needs to mooch for campaign cash. Ooopps: AWKWARD!



In another awkward reality, California inventor Gary D. Conley was the arch enemy of, and whistle-blower on Elon Musk, John Doeer, Steve Jurvetson, Eric Schmidt. Gary D. Conley suddenly showed up behind a Northern California Air Force base with a bullet in his head. The chief suspects include people who Kamala needs campaign cash from. MORE AWKWARD!



So who, exactly, can the public count on to enforce justice and the law, in California?



Here is the worse-case scenario: The Chinese have hacked everything in California and are just waiting for the opportunity to sell good evidence to investigators. The leaks from disgusted agency staff are increasing. The top cops have arrested more Senators than you ever saw before. More arrests are known to be coming. It is an election year and political corruption is the hottest topic around. The victims have started suing for justice. The public polls just listed “political corruption” as the most hated form of public abuse. In short: Hell on Wheels is coming to Sacramento.



The worse case scenario is only bad for the corrupt politicians involved. It is GREAT for the voters.



The California Franchise Tax Board, for example, has been sending tax notices to the victims via the wrong addresses for those people and companies. When the victims complain to the Franchise tax board, the franchise tax board refuses to change the wrong addresses. Then the The California Franchise Tax Board says that the victims did not respond in time (Because the Tax people were sending notices to the wrong addresses, apparently on purpose) and put levy’ demands on their companies in order to take them over and shut them down.



Talk about bypassing “Eminent Domain”…



The California Franchise Tax Board refuses to respond to inquiries, and it refuses to correct the problem. The California Franchise Tax Board just keeps doubling the money they demand, refuses to accept the proper forms and, essentially, tries to drive the competitors to Elon Musk, John Doeer, Steve Jurvetson, Eric Schmidt; their campaign backers, out of business.



While almost every American now says they hate Washington DC, because of the cesspool of corruption it has become, they must realize that corruption starts at home.



Washington DC is, mostly, made up of people sent by states. If your state capital is full of crime, your national capitol will also become full of crime.



If the State Capitol of California is being run by criminals, then the FBI must step in and take action. The voters must step in and take action in the next election. The media must no longer be silent on the issue.



California, you have one of the biggest effects on the national election. Stop sending crooks to Congress!



For 2016, please elect people who guarantee that they will be tough on political crime. Avoid those candidates who mouth the false words, though, via a hand up their back-side attached to the Silicon Valley Cartel.


Nevada Gigafactory could cause Deaths of Thousands

Nevada Gigafactory could cause Deaths of Thousands




UON – Environmental Sciences Class




Samsung workers are dying in droves. Many of the ones that are not dead are sickened with toxic poisoning. The Samsung workers have started to sue, and to protest, as the body count has become too large to hide.



It’s the same story for Panasonic, LG, Exide and a host of other companies who make batteries.



The facts are clear. If you work in a battery factory, or if you live near a battery factory, you will die, or become very sick from that factory. Around the world, history has proven this without a doubt. Even China, who will let anything happen, does not want them. Battery factories are the most toxic, lethal, horrific kinds of poison factories that the world has to offer.



The only way to protect the workers is to suit them up in NASA-grade spacesuits with total self contained air brought in from over 30 miles away, or further. The Nevada Giga-Factory does not even have the slightest worker haz-mat system planned and it has zero near-city protection, aside from a call to “wash your hands”.



Harry Reid covers this up because he gets tens of millions of dollars, in his personal pocket, from Tesla.



The State of Nevada covers this up because the bosses of the state agencies get tens of millions of dollars of personal stock, pension and favors.



The EPA covers it up because Obama is their boss and Tesla and Tesla investors funded Obama’s campaign.



None of the people who are supposed to be protecting you, care about you. They care about their bank accounts.



The air within 100 to 200 miles of a battery factory contains deadly poisons from the battery factory compounds. The water within 100 to 200 miles of a battery factory contains deadly poisons from the battery factory compounds. The toxins enter your body through your eyes, skin, lungs and mouth and begin to slowly kill you.



There is no doubt about this. Tens of thousands of university research studies, and lawsuits, prove it to be true.



The Giga-factory exists because of greed. It exists to exploit the lithium mines from nations that Tesla’s investors did their war profiteering in. Safety, and eons of poisoned air, and soil, were ignored for the glory of the dollar, and Elon Musk.



The dust from battery factories falls into the pores of your skin. It crusts into your eyes. It follows your tear ducts into your body. It rides your blood stream into your liver, your brain and the brain of your unborn baby.



Does that sound dramatic? Things are actually worse than that.



Here is what you can do. Under the law, every single chemical that moves through the gates of the Giga-factory is required to have an “MSDS sheet attached to it”. This sheet is required to disclose the known toxicity of the chemicals in any shipment.



You, as a U.S. citizen have a legal right to see those MSDS documents and post them publicly.



By law, the Gigafactory must publicly document any new chemicals that they compound from the chemicals they receive. Get those disclosure documents and post them on line.



By law, the Gigafactoryu must disclose all chemical compositions of anything that runs out of, or leaves the Gigafactory as waste, or run-off, material. Get those disclosures and post them online.



Part way through this exercise you will have the shock of your life. You will be amazed at how often the words: “known to cause cancer”; “Known to cause brain damage”; “Known to cause liver damage”, “Known to cause genetic damage to the unborn fetus”… etc.. appears.



These kinds of projects are, like Solyndra, about “the Skim”. The Skim is the fraud program where you grab all the government cash you can, up front, grab your profit off the top, let the company die, and then grab more money by manipulating the tax write-offs.



The Skim works every time because the SEC, and some federal enforcement agencies, are in the pockets of people like Musk and Reid.



All of the workers will doe, the towns around the area will die and the Giga-factory will, eventually, die.



The families of the dead workers, and the people who used to live in the nearby towns, will file class-action lawsuits but the Giga-factory will say “Sorry, but we are now bankrupt and out of business and nobody is still around..” Those towns and families will get nothing but cancer and loss.



We are saying, now, before the Giga-factory goes on-line, that it WILL kill and sicken many workers, towns, babies families and a large part of the West.



Hang onto this article, check back in 15 years. We bet you this is true. We don’t just bet you millions of dollars or trillions of dollars; we bet you GIGA-Dollars that this is true.



Want to bet? What is YOUR life worth?






How Did Stanford University become Ground Zero for Rape, Abuse and Assholes?





Deanna- Campaign Aide



The conservative poster boy, with all of the check marks on his list: looks, action, Harley, killing unions, etc.. had to bail out.



The biggest reason he bailed is the also the harbinger of a wild 2016 Election. Nobody would give Walker any money and most of the other candidates are going to find themselves in the same boat.



You can no longer be a “secret campaign donor” your secret PAC and political non-profit is now as hidden as the pink elephant in the room.



Political donors are now doxxed, psychologically profiled on global web studies, interviewed on their way to the store, analyzed, exposed and detailed in a total-exposure manner.



All of their financial records are posted on-line. Their entire political support record is published for the world, their friends, their business partners and the other party to see. Snowden, Guccifer and the Swiss Leaks are nothing compared to what the Chinese hackers might bring forward.



The GOP has gone to great lengths to expose the people, routes an trails in Silicon Valley’s funding of the Obama campaign and the ensuing kick-back schemes. That horse is running on no oats. The stock market has Silicon Valley praying for dawn. Not much cash will be coming from old Google anymore, without getting caught.



In payback, the DNC has threated GOP investors will full disclosure. The Koch Brothers are pretty overt, so they don’t care, but the rest of the GOP cash-cows are laying low for fear of becoming a headline on VOX or the Intercept.



With many people running for President, and many starting to realize they can’t afford to run for President, does this make the independents even more likely to win?


Scott Walker‘s Wisconsin and the End of Campaign


Lincoln Caplan on how the Wisconsin Supreme Court has allowed Scott Walker’s campaign-finance misconduct, a disastrous blow to fair elections and reform.


Scott Walker – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Scott Kevin Walker (born November 2, 1967) is the 45th Governor of Wisconsin, serving since 2011, and a candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination to the 2016 …


State Supreme Court ends Doe probe into Walker’s …


Madison— Dealing Gov. Scott Walker a victory just as his presidential campaign gets underway, the Wisconsin Supreme Court in a sweeping decision Thursday ruled the …


Scott Walker 2012 Campaign Inquiry Ended by …


Jul 17, 2015 · CHICAGO — The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday ordered an end to an investigation into whether Gov. Scott Walker’s recall campaign in 2012 illegally …


Scott Walker presidential campaign, 2016 – Ballotpedia


See also: Scott Walker presidential campaign, 2016/Campaign preparation Preparations. In 2013, Scott Walker visited Iowa and South Carolina and appeared at …


Scott Walker ends campaign for president — the second Republican …


5 hours ago … Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who as recently as midsummer was seen as one of the leading candidates for the Republican nomination for …


Scott Walker Ends Presidential Campaign | TIME


8 hours ago … Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced Monday that he is ending his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, completing a …


Scott Walker Ends Presidential Campaign

Wisconsin court ends probe of presidential hopeful Walker


Jul 16, 2015 · The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday ended a secret investigation into whether Republican Gov. Scott Walker‘s campaign illegally coordinated with …


Walker quits after blowing through campaign cash – Politico


20 hours ago … Scott Walker decided to end his 2016 campaign after burning through cash and disappointing donors who thought the one-time frontrunner …


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker exits presidential race with harsh …


24 minutes ago … Scott Walker is dropping out of the Republican race for president. … aides, finding out only Monday that he had decided to end his campaign.


For ‘Straight-Talking’ Walker, Campaign Rhetoric Often …


While Gov. Scott Walker looks to play up a straight-talking image on the GOP presidential debate stage, past campaigns suggest his words aren’t always in line with …


Scott Walker ends presidential campaign, calls on other … – Yahoo


7 hours ago … Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dropped out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination Monday, ending a brief bid for the White …


Scott Walker drops out of 2016 race – –


5 hours ago … JUST WATCHED. Scott Walker: I am suspending my campaign. Replay. More Videos … Sources: Scott Walker expected to end presidential bid …








What did Last Night’s Emmy Awards tell us about next year’s election?

What did Last Night’s Emmy Awards tell us about next year’s election?



Did you notice how the 2015 Emmy Awards show had the worst ratings in the history of anything?



The network that spent all the money, and got advertisers to spend those big bucks, was really, really certain they had a lot more viewers coming.



Boy, were they wrong.



Now this is a media company that has spent decades optimizing the process of figuring out who, in the general population, is going to do what. They were certain that they had their finger on the primary pulse of the cross-section of Americans.



Boy, were they wrong.



So, at the same time, you have a bunch of candidates for President of the United States. They only just started optimizing the process of figuring out who, in the general population, is going to do what. They are certain that they have their finger on the primary pulse of the cross-section of America.



Boy, might they be wrong.



The network, and the candidates have all hired the same people to “craft message”, “attack the core anxieties”, “pull from the base”..blah, blah, Blah. They might have already missed the boat.



Some candidates thought they would be “cool” and “savvy” by hiring Internet kids to do their campaign. They have now realized that most of the base does not do the Internet, thinks “social media sucks” and that those kids are clueless about real life or, anything that isn’t Facebook.



Some candidates hired the “old pro’s” from that last 4 elections. They have now realized that the “old pro’s” only functioned in the old world. That old world is now gone. The old pro’s are from the world where everybody bought a house, everybody had a job, everybody got married, everybody had babies, and the news only came from a couple of controlled outlets. That world no longer exists. Most guys are single. Nobody wants to have babies and lose 20 years of their life. Millennial’s think mortgages are for suckers and the world is awash in new news sources.



The Emmy’s suffered from a few of the global shift issues that will bring in a 2016 Election that nobody saw coming.



A huge bunch of the audience, and the voters, just up and died. The 2015 Emmy’s had one of the biggest drop-offs from people just getting old and passing away.



The whole production crew had many old people writing for old people. The style and format was like the 70’s trying to be the 2000’s. That is not who the majority of America is these days.



The audience was almost all white. America is, now, mostly mixed race and darker skinned.



You couldn’t find the Emmy’s on the web and if you did, the webcast stammered. The least effort was put into reaching the greatest new audience resource.


The show was a grand celebration of elitism and holier than thou. That is really not a thing that any modern voters are into; outside of Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Manhattan. It was Burning Man look-at-me self-centered-ness narcissism festival for old people. It was TED for the Hollywood crowd that was too dumb to figure out how computers worked.



Recently, a famous network news anchor said that his whole network news group is just baffled about the new age of information. “We honestly don’t know where people are getting their news from, anymore”, he admitted.



Rupert Murdoch and Sumner Redstone are on their last legs. The Rockefeller’s are diversifying. Comcast has lost it’s clout. Newspapers are shutting down and laying off staff faster than you can say “Racket”. It is really a whole new world.



Don’t count your aces, right up to election night. The 2015 Emmy’s prove that nobody knows what the new world is going to be, or what surprises election morning will bring.

Primetime Emmys Draw Worst Ratings of All-Time



Andy Samberg Emmys Seth Myers


September 21, 2015 | 10:00AM PT


Sunday’s telecast of the “67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards” has drawn the show’s smallest audience on record — 11.9 million viewers — according to preliminary national estimates from Nielsen that are adjusted for time zone differences. It was down nearly 4 million viewers from last year’s show on NBC (15.6 million), which aired on a Monday in late August and didn’t have to face an NFL game.


The previous recorded total-viewer low for the show was 12.3 million in both 1990 (its first year on Fox) and 2008 on ABC. The 1974 Emmys on ABC likely drew a smaller audience, but a total-viewer count wasn’t available, according to Nielsen; that year’s show was seen in 6.85 million homes, which is the smallest tune-in of the past 60 years. The total-viewer high in recent years remains the 17.8 million in 2013 on CBS, and the largest audience on record was the nearly 36 million who watched NBC’s telecast in 1986.


The Emmys are merely the sixth most popular awards show of the past year. They trail the Oscars on ABC (37.3 million), the Grammys on CBS (24.8 million), the Golden Globes on NBC (19.3 million), the CMAs on ABC (16.3 million) and the ACMs on CBS (16.0 million), while they come in ahead of the AMAs (11.6 million) and Billboard Music Awards (11.2 million), both on ABC.



In adults 18-49, Sunday’s preliminary national average of 3.6 is down 14% from last year’s show on NBC as well as Fox’s most recent airing of the kudocast four years ago (both 4.2). It’s believed to be the lowest rating to date for the Emmys. The prior low on record came in 2008 on ABC (3.8).


The Emmys averaged an 8.7 overnight household rating/14 share from 8 to 11 in the metered markets — down 20% from last year’s 10.9/18 for NBC on a Monday in late August. Fox should have benefited from a highly rated NFL overrun, but its Dallas-Philadelphia late-afternoon game was something of a clunker and ended more than 20 minutes before the start of the Emmys. Postgame show “The OT” averaged roughly an 11 household rating in the overnights.


NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” was the dominant program of the night with a 16.3/27 in the overnights, down only slightly from last week’s season opener between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys. It’s the second highest-rated Week 2 game in the 10-year history of “SNF” on the Peacock.


Sunday’s Emmys were dominated by HBO, whose “Game of Thrones” set a record for most wins in a year. The premium cable network won for best drama, comedy, movie and miniseries among its 14 victories on Sunday — more than all other networks combined.Other winners included Jon Hamm and Viola Davis for lead actor and actress in a drama series, and Jeffrey Tambor and Julia-Louis Dreyfus as actor and actress in a comedy series.



In social media on Sunday night, roughly 6.9 million people globally had 14 million interactions related to the Emmys on Facebook. The most buzzed-about moment was Viola Davis winning for lead actress in a drama series, and the the states with the highest engagement pertaining to Emmys-related conversation were California, Illinois and New York.


There were more than 1 million tweets about the Emmy Awards, and those tweets were viewed more than 188 million times. The most tweeted minute occurred at 10:47 p.m. ET with 12,601 tweets after Davis won for lead actress in a drama.


According to Amobee Brand Intelligence, a marketing technology company, Twitter sentiment around the #Emmys hashtag was 44% positive, 48% neutral and 8% negative. Best drama winner “Game of Thrones” generated 21,851 tweets between 8 p.m. and midnight ET, while best comedy winner “Veep” received 30,474 tweets in the same period.

Why T-Mobile, and other companies, have to charge you so much to use your data. An explanation your granny can understand.

Why T-Mobile, and other companies, have to charge you so much to use your data. An explanation your granny can understand.



Everyone wants to use Netflix and Hulu. When you use them, you eat up 1000 little Internet juicies per hour.


The juicies flow down these internet pipes. 1000, or more of them, come shooting down your Internet pipes like poop in the sewer.



If too many of those juicies come down your tubes, they heat up from rubbing against each other. It cost’s T-Mobile big money to cool them off. The more juicies you use to watch TV, the more T-Mobile has to cool them off. Usually, they just slow them down, so they don’t rub against each other so much. This will make the quality of your video look a lot like that poop in the sewer; but, remember this: Bad TV is a small price to pay to avoid over-heated juicies!



To better understand this, take off all of your clothes. Now go to a full length mirror. If you don’t have a full-length mirror, go to your neighbor’s house.



Face away from the mirror and look over your shoulder at the reflection of your butt-cheeks. Look carefully at your butt-checks. Notice how the left one and the right one touch in the middle, where the crack is. They rub together. You can reach back with both hands and wiggle them to see how that works.



That area where they rub together is called “the point of friction”. Imagine, now, that your butt cheeks were electronic and that they were constantly vibrating, and rubbing together, when-ever you watched TV. They would heat up so fast, from all that friction, that it would be painful. They could even catch on fire. Nobody wants that, especially you.



You have now visualized, on a very personal basis, the kind of hell that just two Internet juicies go through on a daily basis. Your left butt cheek is “Juicy One”, and your right butt cheek is “Juicy Two”. Pity those poor juicies; now add thousands, even millions, of butt-cheeks, rubbing up against each other at over 1000 juicies per hour. What hell they must endure.



Thank god we have T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T to keep those juicies in their place. Now, you might be saying the obvious: “Well, who cares how hot they get, I want all the information I want, when I want it”.



That might be what you are thinking, but you are only thinking about yourself. You are not thinking about T-Mobile’s CEO when he has to report to the head of the Juicy Union about how many juicies died in order for you to watch re-runs of Law and Order.



So, technically, there actually are no limits on how much data, or juices, can come and go from your device. It is unlimited in real life.



That is not the point. If the world was “unlimited” everyone would have sex and do drugs. Without limits we become stupefied by freedom. We can’t have that.



To make you feel ok about your rationalization, T-Mobile, and the other companies put the word “Unlimited” on their ads. We all know that isn’t true, though.



Think of T-Mobile’s “unlimited” like a bride wearing white at an Arkansas wedding. It’s all for show. It is like Betty Crocker telling you to put an egg in the mix just so you feel like you did something, even though none of her mixes needs an egg added to them. It is to help you feel OK about something that you know, deep inside, is terribly, terribly wrong.



To watch real TV on Hulu or Netflix at one hour of TV per night you need 30,000 juicies per month.



All of the T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T guys give you only 3000 to 5000 juicies per month “unlimited” and then rip your soul out by artificially choking it down so to so few juicies that your TV and media experience will resemble the seventh ring of Hell.



But if you got to experience media like “normal people” you would heat up too many juicies and then the Juicy Union would not have control over your “experience density”.



Let’s use another analogy. If you are a guy and you see Christie Brinkly, and she is 29 years old, and she invites you up to her hotel room and takes off all of her clothes, and makes you lie down, and then takes a big step towards you and is suddenly jerked into a locked closet by six purple rabbits; getting your media choked-off by T-Mobile is like that.



If you are a lady and you have traveled all over the world to find the perfect Princess Cake and you finally arrive at Flour de Munia, in Paris, and you sit down and they bring you the most stunning slice of cake you ever saw in your life, and you pick up your first bite and lift it to your lips and.. suddenly a rapid pig snatches it away and bites you on your ankles. Getting data-choked by T-Mobile is like that too.



In every case something is dangled to get you all worked up, and then, not only just taken away, but taken and then horrifically reduced in pleasure.



These experiences of loss are good for you, though. That which does not kill you, makes you stronger. Through T-Mobile’s manipulation of your desires, hopes and dreams, followed by a gut-wrenching pull of the rug out from under your very essence. You will become a stronger person.



Some people will tell you that the CABLE TV people made a deal with the devil to never let the Internet go full-speed. This has yet to be cleared up.



The Internet has been proven, demonstrated and is known to go at ONE MILLION JUICIES PER SECOND all the time, every time. But if everybody could put things on the Internet, freely, and watch things on the Internet, freely, then people would start thinking all kinds of disruptive thoughts. That would be stressful for you. You don’t need any stress.



So, let’s add up the value that T-Mobile is providing:


1. No overheated juicies


2. Your bottom will remain cool


3. You won’t get STD’s from Christie Brinkley, or Fabio


4. You won’t get fat from eating those Princess Cakes


5. You won’t have to endure too much TV or more information than is good for yourself


6. You won’t have to make choices


7. When T-Mobile chokes your data and throttles you down to nothing, it will be like your brother stepping in to help you out; your Big Brother


8. And other stuff



So, you see; everything is OK. Everything is fine. Remain calm. They have your best interests at heart.



You don’t actually need real “real unlimited, un-throttled, never-choked, never computer-reduced data streams”. You should write a letter right now, to the CEO of AT&T and tell him so.














Stanford University urges young girls to “shut up”. “No MBA guy is going to marry a complainer”. “Join the ‘fun’ or get side-lined in your career and social life”!

Topics in Feminism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Feb 07, 2003 · Feminism is both an intellectual commitment and a political movement that seeks justice for women and the end of sexism in all forms. However, there are …


Stanford Swimmer Charged in On-Campus Sex Assault Says …


Jan 30, 2015 … [BAY] Former Stanford Swimmer to Face Charges in Alleged Rape of Unconscious … “Ugh! That Newsweek Cover”: Silicon Valley Women Respond … When they went to investigate, Turner saw them, got up slowly off of the …

google…%5Daping-Unconscious-Woman-290295821.html – Stanford University


The Stanford Cardinal – Stanford University’s Official Athletic Site,News, scores, schedules, stats, live video, live audio, on-demand video


Stanford swimmer Brock Allen Turner pleads not guilty to rape


Feb 2, 2015 … Star Stanford swimmer ‘who was caught raping unconscious outside frat party’ faces … Turner, who has withdrawn from Stanford, faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. ….. No Book Cover Usage\nMandatory Credit: Photo …


School of Law | Stanford University


Courses offered by the School of Law are listed on the Stanford Bulletin’s ExploreCourses web site under the subject codes LAW and LAWGEN. The School of Law …


Stanford Organizational Rape Cover-ups | TECHNOLOGY …


Stanford Organizational Rape Cover-ups. Team efforts via a focused investigative reporting partnership. If you have specialized data, or input on this topic, …



Stanford swimmer caught raping woman on campus street: cops …


Jan 29, 2015 … A standout Stanford swim team member has been kicked off the team and barred … Vanderbilt rape trial: Phones destroyed in texting cover-up.


Stanford experts: how 9/11 has changed the world


Aug 31, 2011 · By Cynthia Haven. As we approach the 10th anniversary of the al-Qaeda attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the Stanford News Service posed this question to a series …


Stanford Student’s Viral Email About Her Sexual Assault Prompts …


Jun 5, 2014 … Stanford students are challenging the university’s sexual assault … the school’s sexual assault policies after she was a victim of rape earlier this …


Students: Silicon Valley’s Farm System Is Steeped in “Rape Culture”


Jun 5, 2014 … Rape survivor demands change to Stanford‘s sexual assault policies … I feel like Hennessey et al. is personally willing to cover for his frat bros … to TechCrunch* and wrapped the whole Spiegel situation up in a nice little bow.


Freedom of Speech (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Nov 29, 2002 · This entry explores the topic of free speech. It starts with a general discussion of freedom in relation to speech and then moves on to examine one of the …


The Stanford Daily – Official Site


Daily student newspaper of Stanford University.


Freshman swimmer Brock Turner faces five felony … – Stanford Daily


Jan 27, 2015 … Turner faces these charges: rape of an intoxicated person, rape of an unconscious person, sexual … Turner could face up to 10 years in prison.


Stanford Law Review – Official Site


The Stanford Law Review is a legal publication run by Stanford Law School students since 1948, providing expert legal scholarship, analysis, and commentary.


Sickening Rape Allegations Against a Tech Mogul — NYMag


Feb 3, 2015 … A Stanford grad himself, Lonsdale co-founded Palantir in 2004 and served as … Ms. Clougherty believed that Mr. Lonsdale was picking her up from campus to …. Reading this makes me wonder how Ms. Roy would cover the …


How to Power the World without Fossil Fuels – …


Three times now, Mark Jacobson has gone out on the same limb. In 2009 he and co-author Mark Delucchi published a cover story in Scientific American that showed …


When to Use a Release – Copyright Overview by Rich…


Whether you need to obtain a release depends on why you want to use a person’s name or image. If your use is for commercial purposes—for example, using a person …


When to Use a Release

Stanford Swimmer Charged with Rape :


Jan 28, 2015 … Sign up for our newsletter and other special offers. PEOPLE News … Cover Story: Pope Francis Is Coming to America! Inside His … Former Stanford Swimmer Charged for Publicly Raping Unconscious Woman on Campus.


An Arc of Outrage – Students – The Chronicle of Higher …


An Arc of Outrage Despite the clamor, the real conversation about campus sexual assault has hardly begun




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Download results


History Making Study Proves that 1/4 of girls in college are sexually harrassed. Parents: Buy that chastity belt!



A Fourth of College Women Reported Unwanted Sexual Contact, Study Finds


Students cross Harvard Yard at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., in January. Credit Brian Snyder/Reuters

In four years of college, about a fourth of undergraduate women at a large group at 27 leading universities are sexually assaulted by force or when they are incapacitated by alcohol or drugs, according to one of the largest studies of its kind released Monday.

Responding to a survey commissioned by the American Association of Universities, 26.1 percent of female college seniors said that since entering college, they had experienced some kind of unwanted sexual contact — anything from touching to rape — carried out by force or incapacitation. Of those, 13.5 percent had experienced penetration, attempted penetration or oral sex. In all, about a third of women who responded to a survey reported some type of unwanted sexual contact since entering college.

The survey confirmed findings from previous studies, but stands out for its sheer size — 150,000 students at 27 colleges and universities took part — and for the prominence of the schools involved, which include many of the nation’s elite campuses, including all of the Ivy League except Princeton.

The findings in the American Association of Universities study are consistent with previous surveys that have estimated that one in five women may be sexually assaulted while in college, though those reports have sometimes used varying definitions of sexual assault.

As more attention has been paid in recent years to campus sexual assault, victim advocates and government officials have pushed for rigorous “campus climate” surveys, including detailed information on the frequency of assaults, contending that the first step toward addressing the problem is to understand the extent of it. Official campus crime figures vastly underreport sex crimes, because most victims do not file formal reports.

“This is pretty consistent with what we’ve seen before in other studies around the country, and it reinforces the message,” said John D. Foubert, a professor for higher education at Oklahoma State University who studies campus sexual assault and who was not involved in the study.

The new study cautioned that the rate of students responding to the survey, 19 percent, was far lower than in some previous studies.

But some elite universities, with much higher participation rates, also made public their figures for the survey, and the picture was not any better. Harvard’s figures were similar to those in the study as a whole, and Yale’s were worse.

Men experienced much lower rates of sexual assault than women. Across the 27 universities, 8.6 percent of male seniors said they had experienced some kind of unwanted sexual contact, including 2.9 percent who said they had experienced penetration, attempted penetration or oral sex, carried out by force or incapacitation.

Transgender students and others who do not identify as either male or female had higher rates of assault than women.

Mr. Foubert said he did not know of any previous large-scale study that had looked at transgender students.

Graduate students had significantly lower rates of unwanted sexual contact than undergraduates.







Scientists have used the latest technology to document the fact that the Earth is pulling on the physical structure of the Moon and tearing it into segments.



GOP says it is proof that there is no factory-caused climate change. DNC says it is because of climate change altering the tides and will lead to the destruction of Earth.



NASA says, “let’s go have a look”, “Give us some funding!”




Global thrust faulting on the Moon and the influence of tidal stresses


  1. Thomas R. Watters1,*,

  2. Mark S. Robinson2,

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+ Author Affiliations


  1. 1Center for Earth and Planetary Studies, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20560, USA
  2. 2School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 85251, USA
  3. 3Physics and Astronomy Department, Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts 02766, USA



Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera images reveal a vast, globally distributed network of over 3200 lobate thrust fault scarps, making them the most common tectonic landform on the Moon. Based on their small scale and crisp appearance, crosscutting relations with small-diameter impact craters, and rates of infilling of associated small, shallow graben, these fault scarps are estimated to be younger than 50 Ma and may be actively forming today. The non-random distribution of the scarp orientations is inconsistent with isotropic stresses from late-stage global contraction as the sole source of stress. We propose that tidal stresses contribute significantly to the current stress state of the lunar crust. Orbital recession stresses superimposed on stresses from global contraction with the addition of diurnal tidal stresses result in non-isotropic compressional stress and thrust faults consistent with lobate scarp orientations. The addition of diurnal tidal stresses at apogee result in peak stresses that may help trigger coseismic slip events on currently active thrust faults on the Moon.


  • Received 1 July 2015.

  • Revision received 16 July 2015.

  • Accepted 20 July 2015.


  • © 2015 Geological Society of America






Science – NY TIMES


Earth Blamed for Cracks in Moon



A prominent ridge on the moon’s surface, one of thousands that formed by the cracking of the moon’s surface as it contracted. Areas in blue are at lower elevations; areas in red are higher. Credit NASA

The moon is shrinking, and Earth is to blame for how the moon’s crust has cracked.

Related Coverage

Scientists reported the shrinkage in 2010, when researchers, led by Thomas R. Watters of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, picked out cracks in images taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

They counted 14 ridges, formed when one side of the fracture slips over the other, but the orbiter’s high-resolution camera had covered only about 10 percent of the moon’s surface. Five years later, more than three-quarters of the surface has been photographed, and the scientists now count more than 3,200 ridges, most quite small — less than six miles long and tens of yards high.

If the moon were shrinking uniformly, then the cracks and ridges should be pointed every which way. Instead, Dr. Watters and his colleagues found that around the equatorial and midlatitude regions, there was a preponderance of north-south ridges, while near the poles, the faults tended to run east-west.

What they figured out is that the tidal forces of the Earth pulling on the moon, while small, generated enough stress to break the moon’s crust in the observed pattern. The new study was published in Geology.

Is this the end of the world? Crushed by it’s own moon or smothered in green cheese?




Did America Just Have a Coup Attempt By Psychopathic Silicon Valley billionaires?

Did America Just Have a Coup Attempt By Psychopathic Silicon Valley billionaires?



The whole world knows that, when you want to covertly take over a government, assassinate some folks and use psychological warfare like a boss; who you gonna call?: THE CIA



It is a felony, of the highest order, though, for the CIA to do it’s tricky tricks inside the domestic borders of the U.S.A. Darn! They have all of the sneakiest resources. What can you do if you want to do your own little domestic political horror show? Problem Solved: Call In-Q-Tel.



In-Q-Tel is the home-grown version of the CIA. They have all of the same tools and do their thing anywhere, without any oversight. They use their 501 C 3 non profit charity status to fly tons of cocaine around, put hit jobs on U.S. citizens for the Chamber of Commerce, Elon Musk and Eric Schmidt. They are the dark “dirty deeds, done dirt cheap” perverts of the spy world.



The staff of In-Q-Tel work for, and with, Elon Musk, John Doerr and Eric Schmidt. In-Q-Tel got the founding cash for Elon Musk, John Doerr and Eric Schmidt. Although they operate right next door to the CIA, in Virginia, In-Q-Tel created a Silicon Valley office right next door to Elon Musk, John Doerr and Eric Schmidt on Sandhill Road in Silicon Valley.



Elon Musk, John Doerr and Eric Schmidt have, as of today, received more state federal kick-backs, using tricks with taxpayer cash than any other humans in history. These three men have spent more time in the Obama White House than all of the members of Congress during the Obama administration.


They all make outlandish public declarations about nuking Mars, putting micro-chips in everyone’s brains, recording human thoughts and giving them your DNA.



Over 42 individuals, who may have known too much, that worked with, or investigated Elon Musk, John Doerr and Eric Schmidt were in perfect health one day and dead the next day, from mysterious causes. In, each, and every death, that death was most convenient for curtailing any lose lips related to Elon Musk, John Doerr and Eric Schmidt. Sociologists and psychologists have spoken about the mind-sets of these men in a vast number of a articles. Want to read some of those articles? Type: “billionaire sociopaths” in the top 5 search engines and read their conclusions.



See where this is going?



When federal investigators saw the first signs of trouble, their reaction was not simply: “Oh, No”. It was “Oh, No, Not Again!”



Let’s take a look at the first go-round:




In the summer of 1933, shortly after Roosevelt’s “First 100 Days,” America’s richest businessmen were in a panic. It was clear that Roosevelt intended to conduct a massive redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor. Roosevelt had to be stopped at all costs.

The answer was a military coup. It was to be secretly financed and organized by leading officers of the Morgan and Du Pont empires. This included some of America’s richest and most famous names of the time:


  • Irenee Du Pont – Right-wing chemical industrialist and founder of the American Liberty League, the organization assigned to execute the plot.

  • Grayson Murphy – Director of Goodyear, Bethlehem Steel and a group of J.P. Morgan banks.

  • William Doyle – Former state commander of the American Legion and a central plotter of the coup.

  • John Davis – Former Democratic presidential candidate and a senior attorney for J.P. Morgan.

  • Al Smith – Roosevelt’s bitter political foe from New York. Smith was a former governor of New York and a codirector of the American Liberty League.

  • John J. Raskob – A high-ranking Du Pont officer and a former chairman of the Democratic Party. In later decades, Raskob would become a “Knight of Malta,” a Roman Catholic Religious Order with a high percentage of CIA spies, including CIA Directors William Casey, William Colby and John McCone.

  • Robert Clark – One of Wall Street’s richest bankers and stockbrokers.

  • Gerald MacGuire – Bond salesman for Clark, and a former commander of the Connecticut American Legion. MacGuire was the key recruiter to General Butler.


The plotters attempted to recruit General Smedley Butler to lead the coup. They selected him because he was a war hero who was popular with the troops. The plotters felt his good reputation was important to make the troops feel confident that they were doing the right thing by overthrowing a democratically elected president. However, this was a mistake: Butler was popular with the troops because he identified with them. That is, he was a man of the people, not the elite. When the plotters approached General Butler with their proposal to lead the coup, he pretended to go along with the plan at first, secretly deciding to betray it to Congress at the right moment.

What the businessmen proposed was dramatic: they wanted General Butler to deliver an ultimatum to Roosevelt. Roosevelt would pretend to become sick and incapacitated from his polio, and allow a newly created cabinet officer, a “Secretary of General Affairs,” to run things in his stead. The secretary, of course, would be carrying out the orders of Wall Street. If Roosevelt refused, then General Butler would force him out with an army of 500,000 war veterans from the American Legion. But MacGuire assured Butler the cover story would work:


“You know the American people will swallow that. We have got the newspapers. We will start a campaign that the President’s health is failing. Everyone can tell that by looking at him, and the dumb American people will fall for it in a second…”


The businessmen also promised that money was no object: Clark told Butler that he would spend half his $60 million fortune to save the other half.

And what type of government would replace Roosevelt’s New Deal? MacGuire was perfectly candid to Paul French, a reporter friend of General Butler’s:


“We need a fascist government in this country… to save the nation from the communists who want to tear it down and wreck all that we have built in America. The only men who have the patriotism to do it are the soldiers, and Smedley Butler is the ideal leader. He could organize a million men overnight.”


Indeed, it turns out that MacGuire travelled to Italy to study Mussolini’s fascist state, and came away mightily impressed. He wrote glowing reports back to his boss, Robert Clark, suggesting that they implement the same thing.

If this sounds too fantastic to believe, we should remember that by 1933, the crimes of fascism were still mostly in the future, and its dangers were largely unknown, even to its supporters. But in the early days, many businessmen openly admired Mussolini because he had used a strong hand to deal with labor unions, put out social unrest, and get the economy working again, if only at the point of a gun. Americans today would be appalled to learn of the many famous millionaires back then who initially admired Hitler and Mussolini: Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, John and Allen Dulles (who, besides being millionaires, would later become Eisenhower’s Secretary of State and CIA Director, respectively), and, of course, everyone on the above list. They disavowed Hitler and Mussolini only after their atrocities grew to indefensible levels.

The plot fell apart when Butler went public. The general revealed the details of the coup before the McCormack-Dickstein Committee, which would later become the notorious House Un-American Activities Committee. (In the 50s, this committee would destroy the lives of hundreds of innocent Americans with its communist witch hunts.) The Committee heard the testimony of Butler and French, but failed to call in any of the coup plotters for questioning, other than MacGuire. In fact, the Committee whitewashed the public version of its final report, deleting the names of powerful businessmen whose reputations they sought to protect. The most likely reason for this response is that Wall Street had undue influence in Congress also. Even more alarming, the elite-controlled media failed to pick up on the story, and even today the incident remains little known. The elite managed to spin the story as nothing more than the rumors and hearsay of Butler and French, even though Butler was a Quaker of unimpeachable honesty and integrity. Butler, appalled by the cover-up, went on national radio to denounce it, but with little success.

Butler was not vindicated until 1967, when journalist John Spivak uncovered the Committee’s internal, secret report. It clearly confirmed Butler’s story:


In the last few weeks of the committee’s life it received evidence showing that certain persons had attempted to establish a fascist organization in this country…

There is no question that these attempts were discussed, were planned and might have been placed in execution if the financial backers deemed it expedient…

MacGuire denied [Butler’s] allegations under oath, but your committee was able to verify all the pertinent statements made to General Butler, with the exception of the direct statement suggesting the creation of the organization. This, however, was corroborated in the correspondence of MacGuire with his principle, Robert Sterling Clark, of New York City, while MacGuire was abroad studying the various form of veterans’ organizations of Fascist character.


Needless to say, the survival of America’s democracy is not an automatic or sure thing. Americans need to remain vigilant against all enemies… both foreign, domestic and Silicon Valley-esque.

Jonathon Vankin and John Whalen, The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time (Secaucus, N.J.: Carol Publishing Group, 1997)
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Smedley Darlington Butler (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940) was a United States Marine Corps major general, the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time …




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The Business Plot was an alleged political conspiracy in 1933 in the United States. Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler claimed that wealthy businessmen …




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Apr 25, 2012 · Smedley Darlington Butler (1881, 1940) was a Major General in the U.S. Marine Corps, an outspoken critic of U.S. military adventurism, and at the time of …








The plotters attempted to recruit General Smedley Butler to lead the coup. They selected him because he was a war hero who was popular with the troops.




BBC: Bush’s Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup In America




Jul 24, 2007 … Smedley Butler was approached by a wealthy and secretive group of industrialists and bankers, including Prescott Bush the current President’s …




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The American Liberty League vs. Gen. Smedley Butler … “In the last few weeks of the committee’s official life it received evidence showing that certain persons …




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An attempted American coup d’etat: 1934. An attempted coup d’etat censored out of our history books, courtesy of corporate America, but not supported by the military …




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Nov 8, 2009 … Major General Smedley Butler exposed the attempted coup d’état in 1934. It involved some of the wealthiest businessmen in the United States …




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Jan 31, 2014 … SmedleyButler In 1933 and 1934, an alleged plot to overthrow the government of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) by Wall Street Bankers may …




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At the time of his death, Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, also known as “The Fighting Quaker”, was the most decorated Marine in US history; he was the …






Smedley Butler excerpt from the movie “The … -…




Apr 03, 2010 · Excerpt from the movie ‘The Corporation’ of Smedley Butler who found it perfectly acceptable to kill for profit his entire career, then blew the whistle on …




7 Insane Conspiracies That Actually Happened |…




People love a good conspiracy theory. The JFK assassination plot, aliens crash landing at Roswell, the 9/11 truth movement and charges of government surveillance are …




Makow – Banker Plot To Remove FDR Was A Ruse –




Clearly, the Illuminati bankers staged the “planned coup” to give FDR … Smedley Butler was the LAST man you would ask if you were serious about such a coup …




Failed fascist coup in America led to strategy change for corporate elite




Jan 8, 2011 … The mistake the plotters made was that they asked decorated war hero Smedley D. Butler to lead the coup and to become the fascist leader of …




Smedley Butler – Wikiquote




Major General Smedley Darlington Butler (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940), one of the most colorful officers in the Marine Corps’ long history, was one of the two …




Wall Street’s Fascist Plot to Seize the White House




Smedley Butler. Butler is largely forgotten … Although Butler’s patriotic efforts did thwart this fascist coup plot, the Wall Street bankers and corporate leaders who …








Be Ready For the 2016 Election Corruption Scandals. Get the latest before the rest of the world does!

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“More crime, sex, scandal, more crime and explosions….than anything I have read lately.. PLUS.. it’s all true!




U.S./China hacking summit is missing the biggest players at the table

U.S./China hacking summit is missing the biggest players at the table




The U.S. and China are meeting right now about hacking each others government secrets.




The conversation is going something like this:




…Well, you got into all of our shit and you now know what we keep in the secret cave under Denver and we got into all of your shit and we now know what you keep hidden in the Marianas Trench! So, look, you agree to not tell about our crimes and we won’t tell the public about your crimes..ok?”




The historical level of political embarrassment, that either side could now wreck, on the elected officials of the other side, is a weapon so awesome that it lives only in the deepest nightmares of policy wonks.




Here is the rub. Guccifer, the hacker, is not at the table. Anonymous is not at the table. The thousands of Chinese hackers who learned how to hack, from the Red Army Hacking division, and then got out of Dodge, and moved to Malaysia, and hack for fun, are not at the table. All of the hackers who just hack for distraction are not even in the discussion.




The guys that aren’t there, make up 80% of the world’s hackers.




China has a handful of official government, massively well financed, hacking squads. The U.S. has Silicon Valley, Virginia and Texas crews carving a swath back through China’s digital Great Wall, back at them. They both work all day, and all night, every day, trying to screw-up the other guys. In total, though, cumulatively, between the two, they are only a small part of the global population of hackers.




The discussion part of the U.S./China hacking summit regarding: “well, if we stop, will you stop..?” Will hold up about as well as a Mid-East cease-fire.




The other part of the discussion may be just as moot. The other part involves:




Well, if anybody is going to hack, it should just be you… and us, right China, ‘cuz we are the big dudes. Let’s make the Internet so these other outsider hackers can’t hack, but you, and us, can still hack but, of course, we won’t hack each other because, now, we said we will stop…”








What could possibly go wrong with that plan?




The U.S. and China pretty much created the hacker problem by embedding the back-doors, that the outside hackers are now using, in everything. The hackers got the keys to those doors and are selling them, like hot cakes, on the Internet.




The only reason hackers hack is to try to find dirt, aliens or more dirt.




The only solution is to trot out your aliens and stop doing dirty politics.




Both of these things will have historical significance. The aliens will create ceaseless delight, and could, single-handedly revive lagging day-time talk shows and reality TV economies.




The public has now stated, in Gallup Polls, that their biggest concern is government corruption. If the politicians, in order to end the hacking, stop doing the government corruption, then there is no reason for hackers to hack. Problem solved!




Even though, prostitution is frowned on in most cities, if the U.S. Government ordered, and paid for, the establishment of a prostitute on every street corner in America; do you think prostitution would increase, or decrease?




Same thing with political corruption (which, by the way, involves quite a lot of prostitutes!)




If the politicians stop doing political corruption and kick-backs, which actually are felony crimes in both countries, then there is no incentive for hackers to hack.




All you have to do is get the politicians to stop stealing taxpayer money and abusing the public. Easy Peasey, right?





















Most Voters in U.S. See Widespread Government Corruption – DEMAND change NOW!


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Three in four Americans (75%) last year perceived corruption as widespread in the country’s government. This figure is up from two in three in 2007 (67%) and 2009 (66%).



While the numbers have fluctuated slightly since 2007, the trend has been largely stable since 2010. However, the percentage of U.S. adults who see corruption as pervasive has never been less than a majority in the past decade, which has had no shortage of controversies from the U.S. Justice Department’s firings of U.S. attorneys to the IRS scandal.




These figures are higher than some might expect, and while the lack of improvement is somewhat disconcerting, the positive takeaway is that Americans still feel fairly free to criticize their government. This is not the case in some parts of the world. Questions about corruption are so sensitive in some countries that even if Gallup is allowed to ask them, the results may reflect residents’ reluctance to disparage their government. This is particularly true in countries where media freedom is restricted.


This is why it is most appropriate to look at perceptions of corruption through such lenses as the Freedom House’s Press Freedom rankings. Ratings vary among countries with a “free press,” including the U.S., and range from a high of 90% in Lithuania to a low of 14% in Sweden. The U.S. does not make the top 10 list, but notably, it is not far from it.



These data are available in Gallup Analytics.


Survey Methods


Results are based on telephone interviews with approximately 1,000 U.S. adults each year, aged 15 and older, conducted between 2007 and 2014. For results based on the total sample of national adults in the U.S., the margin of sampling error has typically been ±4.0 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.


For results based on the total sample of national adults across the 134 countries surveyed in 2014, the margin of sampling error ranged from ±2.1 percentage points to ±5.6 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.


The margin of error reflects the influence of data weighting. In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.


For more complete methodology and specific survey dates, please review Gallup’s Country Data Set details.


Learn more about how the Gallup World Poll works.


Get Articles in Related Topics:









The Stanford University Sex Scandals. Privilege has it’s perverts!

Scientists say that Donald Trump wants to take Carly Fiorina for a roll in the hay


Scientists say that Donald Trump wants to take Carly Fiorina for a roll in the hay






Forensic psychologists, body language experts and marriage counselors have analyzed the interplay between Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina, at the recent debates, and concluded that they both covet a secret physical passion for each other.



Both are used to have cute trophy partners and eye candy lovers but getting the power from each other is something that money cannot buy.



The attraction of power-sex, among the rich elite, is like no other drug.



It as clear, to many, that Donald and Carly were monopolizing the conversation like children on a playground. “Ohhh Donald… now you just stop that..” Carly coyly Giggled with a wink and a nudge. “i didn’t say you looked like a horse..” Donald quickly recovered with..”I said you looked like the winner at the Kentucky Derby, that’s how purty you are!”.. “Ohhhh, Donald cooed Carly, as she twisted her pigtails into knots and scraped the toe of her brightly polished button down shoes into the sand.



They were almost shooting tongues across Jeb Bush to get at each other.



Nobody was fooled by the smoke screen they tried to throw over their high school love antics.



Like youths playfully wrestling under the shade of the old oak tree, and then collapsing into a tickle fight that turns into hours of long wet kisses in the moist Central Park meadow; their ribald lust was on display for the world to see.



Carla owns many Yachts. One in Sausalito, California and one in Washington, DC. The Donald has many helicopters. Together, they could rule all forms of transportation.



Donald has fancy hair and Carly has fancy hair. It is, truly, a match made in heaven.



Chris Christie, who also badly wants to do the Carly, always faces rejection because of his weight. His frustration with his loss of the Carly Gambit was evident when he could take no more, and shouted at both of them to stop “orally stroking each of your resumes”.. or words to that effect. Standing on the stage, next to them, the rising flames of desire were more than he could take. The volcanic love fest made him feel more left out than ever.



When confronted with these charges, Trump begged off the accusation, saying: “I wouldn’t do that to her. When I take a woman, it is so amazing that they are bleeding from their eyes and everywhere… I don’t know if she could handle the whole Trump…”



So Trump says now, but as the long hours on the campaign trail take their toll, and the only regular woman that does not work for Trump, that Trump suddenly sees all the time, in debates, is Carly Fiorina, what will his unbridled libido do then.



All of the candidates usually stay at the same hotel because it is easier for the Secret Service to do it that way. It will be late one post-debate night; Trump will be bent over the ice machine on the top floor at the Hilton, his bright red boxers will beckon. Suddenly, Carly will sidle up behind him and casually ask: “What does the “T” stand for on those boxers, big guy?”


“Trumptastic in bed”’.. Trump will growl, flicking his hair into place. Their lips will touch, in the little fluorescent-lit alcove of the ice dispensary roomlet.



As the Coke machine hums in shock and disapproval, the writing bodies of the candidates will melt into a Presidential sin that no mere mortals can undo.














Now More People Think Sony Sucks!

Kathleen Hallinan


Vice President, Litigation


Sony Pictures Entertainment


10202 West Washington Blvd.


Culver City, California 90232-3195


PH: 310-244-6948







Sept. 15, 2015




Dear Kathleen:




Thank you, again, for your lovely letter.



We have been thinking about you as we read all of the news disclosures, investigations, public comment, Wikileaks, HollyWood Reporter and federal research material about Sony Pictures.



When we contacted you. We asked you to come to the table to have a reasonable discussion about a massively documented issue. The issue of Sony Pictures defrauding us, breaching signed agreements, stealing product and, generally being pretty nasty people. We thought we might have misunderstood something. We hoped you would take even one meeting, or phone call, to discuss the problem, and clarify any potential misunderstandings. According to you: Sony Pictures refused to even have a discussion.



We had really hoped that you guys didn’t turn out to weasels. After reading all of the news about how you rigged your movies for political gain, hated on women and people of color, ran an elitist political funding program from within your organization, a bunch of you had to hit the bricks, paid off politicians, did sketchy things with tax filings, acted like high school children when the other kids got a bigger serving of potatoes, and, just really showed your dark side, it kind of seems like the whole world thinks you are bad guys. You know what they say: “KARMA IS A BITCH!”



Yah, Yah..we know your staff told us to “just sue you”, knowing that it costs $300K to fire that up, but we would still like to avoid that. Certainly we would love to sue you if we can find a great contingency litigation firm who will go after you on a contingency fee basis. In the meantime, we want you to know that we found quite a bunch of other artists, technologists and performers who say “you screwed them over too”. You seem to have a hard time making friends, don’t you?



As you know, this was not a case of us feeling like you might have used “our stuff”. You called us up, invited us down, downloaded our knowledge, reviewed our notes and technology, signed a bunch of contracts and secrecy agreements with us (all of which you breached), copied our stuff (we found your documents where you openly admitted it to the Federal Government), changed our trademarks to yours, and have now made billions of dollars off of things the United States Government says you stole from us. Your leaked documents say you lied about it to us and the markets. Your staff put their names on our stuff after telling us, in numerous emails, that they would protect us; not to worry, be patient, etc. Before your staff ran off to run NPR, they lied. You pretended to be about to buy us, when you were merely using that as a sham to acquire our internal technical knowledge. We now have it all in writing.



The records now prove that you first heard about the technology from us. You had no internal, or contract, projects in the works, until you invited us to present at your Board Meeting. You spent months with us. If only we had known you were just trying to copy our stuff. You tricky little monkey’s.



So, we have made certain that this is going to go on forever. We will never give up fighting for our rights and our justice in this matter. Everybody on Earth will eventually know about what you did.



As you know, we have sued your “partners” and brought everybody from the FBI, The GAO, 60 Minutes and 300 million+ voters in on that one. They have paid dearly. There is a funny thing about “bad guys”, it turns out NOBODY LIKES THEM! For all of history; you can be the David Sarnoff to our Philo Farnsworth. Is that the branding that you want? Eternity is a long time. History books last forever in the digital age.



Get right. Stop being weasels. Grow some ethics and come to the table.




Very Truly Yours,




The Team






PS: This article seems to really nail it on the head:






By Tony Dime – AV Web News 

The kids at Sony seem to have been very naughty children. They let their IT system go to pot, and got hacked, and outed, as “racist”, “misogynist”, “campaign rigging”, “high school tantrum throwing” kinds of people, per their own emails. Hollywood Reporter, The Verge, Wikileaks, and a variety of tabloids and pundits, have delighted in dissecting the fraternity house, inside antics, of Sony Pictures. Their boss got fired. They got ridiculed for turning “Zero Dark Thirty” into a, slightly fabricated, political vote-churn tool. Other execs got kicked to the curb. All of their financial, contracting, political cash layout, and tax dynamics were placed under investigation, and even more sketchy bits are shaking loose…

Then I saw this ad online: “SEEKING LAWYER TO SUE SONY PICTURES; HAVE PRE-KOREAN EVIDENCE OF NAUGHTY DEEDS BY SONY”. My curiosity drew me to look into this.

The latest issue has to do with Sony’s hope for its future. The movie box office numbers, from walk-in theaters, are not so swell. The world has discovered, and embraced, digital media. Netflix users are going up, up, up and print media is dead. Sony’s future depends on digital media. 

Sony is rushing to play catch-up with Sony Vue Video-on-Demand and VR headsets to watch digital movies in. Other content owners are worried about Sony being in charge of their digital content, if Sony can’t even keep its own digital house in order. Documents from the hacks, and whistle-blowing from past employees and investment banks, confirm that Sony has spent many billions on it’s digital video program and intends to make vast billions of dollars off of digital video-on-demand.

Sony was not always in a jam to try to get digital done right. In 1998 Sony approached a small technology group (Let’s call them “ABC Group”) in San Francisco, which had developed the first full-screen web video. The technology was the first to deliver full screen, high definition, full frame-rate, full color, small data demand, movies and music, over the internet, using any standard browser.  For their demonstrated accomplishments, “ABC Group” had received TV news coverage, feature print news article acclaim and even a White House commendation. “ABC” had the first version of “youTube” working, online, before “youTube” even existed.

No other company had done this exact thing before, nor had anybody patented it, and demonstrated it, nor did anyone have this much of a leg up on it, like “ABC Group” had. “ABC Group”, accurately, predicted that movies on the web, and their technology approach, would be a “big thing”.

This was before YouTube, Napster, Bittorent, iTunes, Vudu, or the rest, had even been formed. One of this group’s biggest pitches was that their movies were un-hackable, because their technology allowed them to put thousands of digital padlocks throughout each movie, so that no hacker would even bother with the hassle of trying to open all of those locks. Today, Sony appreciates that factor more than ever.

Sony had kept it’s eye on this group, since this group first developed, built and patented, the first  wearable VR headset movie system.  Sony’s Director of Worldwide Pay-Per-View: Lawrence Hess; Sony’s Vice President of Marketing: Ira Rubenstein; Sony’s Manager of Corporate Development: Steven C. Tsai; Sony’s Vice President of Sales & Advertising for Pay Television & Airlines: Cheryl Koll; and Sony’s Director of Marketing: Andrew Schneider; contacted the heads of “ABC Group” and said that they wanted the technology and invited “ABC” to come to Sony Headquarters in Los Angles to make a full board presentation.

At one of the multiple (recorded) meetings with senior Sony staff, there were so many Sony Executives, many of whom had flown in from Japan, that many were shaking hands, for first-ever meetings, and commenting: “Oh, you are the head of so-and-so department, I read about you in Variety all the time.”

In addition to the above, other Sony luminaries at the discussions included: Sony’s Vice President of Post Production Services: Patricia Furnare; Sony’s Director of Marketing for Sony Semiconductor: Thuy T. Nguyen; Sony’s Product Marketing Manager for Consumer a/v/d for Sony Semiconductor: Grace Wei; Area Sales Manager for Sony Semiconductor: Jerry K. Smith; Sony Vice President of Corporate Development: Patrick Kennedy; Sony Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs: Eric I. Baum and other top Sony leaders.

During one of the largest meetings, a fight broke out between Sony executives in which one group said, about “ABC’s” technology: “We must stop this, it could destroy our business plan”; while another group yelled out: “We must do this, it is the business plan of our future.”

“ABC” demonstrated their Playstation-like video cartridges and gamebox/video player web connected hardware box and software. Many, many non-disclosure agreements, and contracts, were signed by Sony pictures, but were later found to have been broken by Sony executives.

After dangling “investment” and “acquisition offers” and requiring extensive “investment review” of the technology, Sony later says: It is “too early to talk about this”…. It is a bit too “futuristic”…” Essentially a “Thanks, but no Thanks”. 

“ABC” had many “how to” meetings with all of the key Sony engineers and executives. Extensive numbers of highly encouraging emails, letters and contracts were exchanged. All of those documents and communications have now been recovered and this reporter has viewed many of them. It looks, now, like all of the meetings were simply “fishing expeditions”, by Sony, to get free lessons in how to build the technology. Sony executives had always promised “ABC”: “Don’t worry”, “We will take care of you”… but they never did.

Years later, “ABC” discovers a patent that Sony had rushed out to file, right after one of the largest meetings with “ABC”. The man who had first solicited “ABC” on behalf of Sony: Sony’s Vice President of Marketing: Ira Rubenstein; had listed himself as the “inventor” on Sony’s patent application. The Sony patent application described a clone of the “ABC” technology. Many of the other Sony executives, from those meetings with “ABC”, had also put their names on the patent as “co-inventors”. “ABC” always found this sudden inventive spirit by Mr. Rubenstein to be amazing, since, at the same time, he was sending emails to the founders of “ABC” describing himself as a “computer idiot” and lamenting his inability to get technology to work.

This was the same Ira Rubenstein who stood on stage at the Variety Entertainment Magazine industry-wide event, and proclaimed to the heads of the entertainment industry, that: “The future of the web will be brought to you by Sony Pictures and “ABC Group”…” As he pointed to “ABC Group” staff standing in the room. He said this on-camera, on behalf of Sony Pictures.

Sony’s patent filing, and their later digital music and video roll-outs, turned out to be complete copies of the system ABC had engineered, built, launched, demonstrated and patented. As history now shows, Sony went right out and copied the technology, as soon as they got done sifting through “ABC’s” intellectual property.

In an even more profound slap in the face: when forensic intellectual property experts scoured Sony’s federal patent files, they found an ironic smoking gun! In Sony’s own patent files, submitted to the U.S. Government, the hired Sony patent writers, who had drafted the patent, had accidently left in the written notations about “ABC Group”! In all of Sony’s patent materials, then, the only outside source of inspiration mentioned was “ABC Group”. Sony’s own, federally filed, patent notes prove where Sony got their engineering and intellectual property from: “ABC”

Sony’s own materials, again, come back to bite Sony in the butt, after the Korean hack. It turns out that what they had said that digital media exploitation was making was not what the true number, it was much, much higher. Web video was making more than Sony had said, and Sony planned big profits, in the next years, off of that single technology shift. Everyone enjoyed seeing all of the South Pacific Island trips, private schools and multiple homes that Sony executives were always bragging about. That digital media exploitation sure pays well. “ABC” was curious about when their money from Sony might show up so they could, also, get a private beach house in Tahiti. Ironically, if Sony had used “ABC’s” hack prevention technology on its own corporate files, the hackers from Korea never would have been able to hack Sony’s corporate files.

After seeing some of the newer confirming documents, “ABC” asked George Clooney’s agent, a man who Sony, at one time, respected, to assist with negotiating a settlement. Sony’s CEO, though, was facing extraction, and that potential settlement deal did not evolve.

To date, according to Sony documents, and Staff, Sony has made over $18 Billion+ dollars exploiting “ABC’s” technology. Sony has paid “ABC” and its lead staff exactly ZERO! 

Big companies tried to stop, hit-job, blockade and blacklist ABC from getting “those damn movies on that internet”; but it is now the main way that people see media. It is no longer possible for Sony to say the technology couldn’t have worked. It is working in Sony’s own products.

Current Sony lawyers say that they were not around “back then” and that Sony has “No obligation”. The records, recordings and documents tell a different story. “ABC” wrote the head of Sony Corporate in Japan. They advised him that Sony executives were being dishonorable. He has yet to reply.

“ABC” is looking for a law firm to sue Sony. Suing Sony is a pricey proposition and Sony knows this. That is why Sony used to be quite cavalier about their actions around the use of the property of artists, performers, musicians and technologists. In these post hack days, though, with hard evidence on the table, maybe they will change their tune.

The value of a big corporation is its brand. If the brand of Sony is tied to remarks and actions about racism, women, ego’s and idea theft, then Sony has a long row to hoe. Sony might want to do the right thing here and finally return “ABC”’s phone call. Sony Vice President of Litigation: Kathleen M. Hallinan; said that “ABC” was too small to take Sony on and refuses to even have a single discussion about the matter.  “ABC” bet their lives on this technology to improve the lives of the world. They were solicited and hood-winked by Sony, who then made vast amounts of money off of “ABC” without every paying “ABC”. The facts and evidence proves this. Sony’s arrogance, as shown in their emails, clearly demonstrates why they have the attitide they have, but the public are fickle agents when it comes to corporate insincerity.

Will this ever go away? “ABC” says: “Never!.. not until we get a fair discussion.”

Sony just launched their Sony Vue copy of ABC’s technology so the clock has a long time to run. Sony has now publicly delivered the technology that “ABC” created, without paying “ABC” a dime.

Sony, why won’t you do the right thing and try to work this out? “ABC” is preparing a picket line, in front of your corporate offices, with big bright signs, banners and websites, for providers that you did wrong. They have found quite a few others. Harrassement and hit-jobs, against those who are just trying to get paid, are never going to cut it. See more at

If you are an experienced law firm, and you want to sue Sony Pictures on behalf of “ABC”, and split the winnings, let me know and I will forward your info to “ABC”.














Draft 2.5 is now ready for review and public comment.

A collaborative book project about Tesla Motors and Elon Musk

This is a public-authored, collaboratively-edited, document created on the Internet, by the users of the Internet, from around the world. The public is invited to check download, torrent and drawstring locations, and mirrors, for the latest updates and revisions. This document is available, for free, to anyone. This is not the final edit of this book.

Tesla Motors has been accused of being a front for economic, social, political, moral and ethical crimes masquerading under the facade of “a social cleantech company”, in order to discourage circumspection.

In this book, we examine the following:

– The origins of Tesla and why Elon Musk had nothing to do with creating Tesla Motors

– The relationship between Tesla owners and White House staff

– The relationship between Tesla owners and Department of Energy staff

– The relationship between Tesla owners and In-Q-Tel

– The relationship between Tesla owners and political campaign financiers

– The relationship between Tesla owners and Google, including Eric Schmidt and Google investors

– The relationship between Tesla owners and Goldman Sachs

– The relationship between Tesla owners and Russian oligarch “business men”

– The relationship between Tesla owners and media outlets such as Think Progress, New America Foundation, ALICE,  Media Matters, Gawker Media, Google, and related information control consortium’s

– The relationship between Tesla owners and John Doerr’s Kleiner Perkins Company
The relationship between Tesla owners, the National Venture Capitol Association and the Silicon Valley Cartel and the coordinated venture capital “Black-listing” of Tesla competitors

– The relationship between Tesla owners and Troll Farm services that provide “click-farm”, “meat-puppet”, “sock-puppet”, “fake likes” and automated contrived social media

– The deaths, and traumatic injuries, of Tesla Motor’s staff, investors, investigators and customers

– The war profiteering, and lobbied invasion efforts, by Tesla investors, for Afghanistan, Bolivian and other foreign lithium mining contracts

– The details of the political campaign kick-backs and the pay-offs of gratis taxpayer cash, tax credits, real estate, government contracts, write-offs, stock warrants, and other kick-backs as criminally “unjust rewards”

– The known, and covered-up, dangers of toxic vapors, fires and explosions of lithium ion batteries

– The relationship between Tesla owners and Dianne Feinstein, her husband Richard Blum and Harry Reid

– The fraud charges and lawsuits against Elon Musk, and Tesla Motors for Fraud, by wives, employees, founders, supplies, investors and others
Recent leaks and disclosures

– Potential criminal charges against the suspects and the financial relationships of all suspects

– Systemized corruption and kick-back programs within state, and federal, agencies

– Cover-ups created to protect political officials who benefited from stock, campaign support and other perks

– The planting of “Moles” and the operation of sabotage efforts against multiple competitors by Tesla staff 

– Coordinated, criminal, stock market manipulations via “Flash Boy Algorithms”, “Buy Bots”, “Pumping via buybacks”, “Valuation fraud via Google ranking manipulation”, “Media cover-ups and news hiding via Google ranking manipulation”, “DOE PR Valuation boost coordinations” and direct TSLA stock chart fraud 

– Who, knew what, and when they knew it

– An Appendix section of investigation resources


If you've found this document you probably already know what Tesla Motors is, and if you don't know you will in a near future understand why you should keep an eye on the company. Tesla Motor's history can be described as a roller coaster as there have been many ups and downs, including a near death experience in late 2008. This timeline will be continuously updated until Tesla Motors has achieved its vision or gone bankrupt. Much of this data was provided by ex-Tesla employees, founders and senior executives.




Detroit Electric sells Electric cars commercially across the USA
38 percent of US automobiles are powered by electricity, but as Henry Ford designed the much cheaper T-Ford, the electric cars began to disappear.
The price of gasoline hits record because of a series of energy crises, so the interest in electric cars increased again.
June- Elon Musk was born.
General Motors produced an electric car called EV1 and leased it to customers.
Elon Musk sold his company Zip2 and made $22 million. He founded that would become PayPal.
October. eBay acquired PayPal and Elon Musk made $165 million.

General Motors canceled the lease program and removed the last EV1 from the streets. They said they couldn't sell enough of the cars to make the EV1 profitable.
July. Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning founded and incorporated Tesla Motors. They had earlier made a feasibility study to see if they could make an electric car. They now made a feasibility study together with AC Propulsion to see if the batteries would work. 
November. The 2 employees searched for a partner to build the rest of the car. Lotus became their choice. Lotus engineers, from England, agree to provide chassis of car.

February. Ian Wright, who had met Martin Eberhard while on a plane, joined the company. They finished business plan 1.0. Ian later leaves Tesla in disgust when he realizes what they are up to 
March. Starting a car company is expensive, so they began to look for outside investors. Silicon Valley VC's discuss having Elon Musk take-over Tesla and get rid of the founders

As of this date CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI, OSC, and other agencies, are now recording all communications between all Silicon Valley VC's and technology companies. Those recordings still exist today.
April. Series A funding where Elon Musk was the main investor. Elon Musk had earlier aligned with JB Straubel who had friends at AC Propulsion, and the company told Elon Musk to contact Tesla. Other investors included SDL Ventures and Compass Technology Partners. JB Straubel joined the company as employee number 5. 
May. An early styling study began at Tesla. 

June. A technology implementation study began. Afghanistan lithium contracts for Tesla's batteries are, by now, fully controlled by White House financiers.
July. Tesla had 9 employees and moved to an office in San Carlos, California. They also made a "mule" which is a car that doesn't reproduce but you can see if the concept works. To design Mule  1 they bought an old Lotus Elise. 
October. The 15 employees began to design the drivetrain component.
November. They installed the drivetrain in the Mule 1. 
December. Tesla couldn't use the same design as the Lotus Elise, so they had a contest where Barney Hatt made the best design by copying most of the Lotus Elise.

January. They made a 1/4 scale model in clay of the design Barney Hatt had made. Tesla had now 18 employees and they also took out Mule 1 for a test drive. 
February.The now 23 employee strong company needed more money, so they made a series B funding. Not only Elon Musk invested more money, but also Valor Equity Partners. Tesla also opened an office in UK close to the Lotus office. 
April-June. Tesla made a full-scale model in clay of the Tesla Roadster.
July. With 38 employees, they now tested a plastic model of the Roadster in a wind tunnel. It had problems with vector dynamics
August. Some of the 41 employees began developing a motor.
December. 63 employees and they began to build the Mule 2 in fiberglass.

January. A drivable Teskla Mule 2 was finished. It has many technical problems and it is illegal to drive it on the road.
April. The engineers thought the Roadster was finished so they made 10 engineering prototypes (EP), which compared to a Mule can (in theory) be produced.
May. 92 employees and they finished the first EP, called EP 1. Tesla raised a series C round led by Vantage Point Partners and Elon Musk. 

July. Almost no-one knew that Tesla existed, until now when Tesla showed EP 1 and EP 2 in Santa Monica, California. 
August. 100 employees. Tesla crash tests and technical reports reveal fire dangers. Tesla senior staff orders the reports shredded. them. Tesla had earlier crashed a few virtual cars, but they needed to know if the computers models were accurate. They also began to show the Roadster at events to market it. 

August. Elon Musk, John Doerr, Rahm Emanual, Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod discuss a quid-pro-quo scheme to advance money for the Presidential and Senate campaigns and get paid back in spades from TARP and Dept. of Energy "Loans", tax credits, stock perks and monopolies.
September. 120 employees. They made more tests, including radiated emissions and susceptibility testing. EMF emissions during charging were high and those reports were ordered shredded
October. They made a durability test, which consists of driving the Roadster on a cobblestone racetrack. The idea is to simulate 100,000 miles in 6 months. It would have taken much longer time to drive the same distance on a smooth road. Tesla realized that their computer models were inaccurate - the Roadster's transmission didn't survive the durability test. 
November. 144 employees, and more tests, including driving through a saltwater bath. 
December. They showed the EP 2 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. 

January. Tesla brought the Roadster to Arvidsjaur, Sweden, to see if it could survive winter conditions. 
February. 205 employees. Tesla began to build a validation prototype (VP), where they took everything they learned from the engineering prototype. Tesla says it will build a $35 million plant in Albuquerque, to produce the Model S. They lied.

March. 230 employees and they finished the VP 1. Tesla senior staff and investors intensify private discussion with Dianne Feinstein and Richard Blum, who turn out to be the owners, managers, builders, staffing providers for Tesla's and Solyndra's land deals as well as the Senate and White House manipulators who rigged government funding for Tesla.
April. Raised more money - a series D round led by Elon Musk, Technology Partners, and Vantage Point. 
June. Tesla's motor factory in Taiwan was finished and it began producing parts. 
July. A new transmission was ready to try but tests showed that it had mounting issues.
August. Tesla finished the VP 10. CEO Martin Eberhard was forced out and replaced by Tesla investor Michael Marks, who would work as an interim-CEO until Tesla found a long-term CEO.
September. Tesla delayed the launch of the Roadster because they needed more time to test its durability.
October. It turned out that also the new transmission failed in the durability test. Tesla needed yet another transmission. 
November. Martin Eberhard is fully forced out of the company after confronting Elon Musk regarding Musk's manipulations. 
December. Interim CEO Michael Marks see the lies and leaves and is replaced by interim CEO Ze'ev Drori. Bernard Tse is contracted, by Tesla, to hide the Tesla battery explosion documents that have been uncovered.

December. Tesla says it will build it's factory in Southern California. They lied. The locals in Southern California say they felt “used” by Elon Musk in order to manipulate state and federal taxpayer dollar pitchs.

As of this date: John Doerr/Kleiner Perkins, Eric Schmidt/Google, Elon Musk/Steve Jurvetson and Rahm Emanual, Robert Gibbs, David Plouffe and other White House staff had an integrated stock, lobbying, profit and pass-along benefits and resources structure established between all of them.

January. 260 employees. The VPs survived the new tests, so the Roadster was finished - except for the transmission. Tesla accountants notify Musk of impending bankruptcy
March. Tesla began production of the Roadster.
April. Tesla can't get fleet orders or sell. Bankruptcy imminent. Short term cash put in by a idge financing led by Elon Musk and Valor Equity Partners.
May. Opened a retail store in Los Angeles, and they also finished a new transmission.
June. Opened a second retail store in Menlo Park, California, and they also delivered the first Roadster to the customers. Marc Tarpenning is sickened by the Musk plot and resigns from Tesla after getting a payout to keep quiet. The Model S was announced in a press release.  
August. Franz von Holzhausen joined Tesla Motors as Chief Designer. 
October. Elon Musk became the CEO so as to control all information in and out of tesla and prevent disclosure of organized crime funding. Tesla bankrupt on paper but cooking books to hide financial disaster.

October. Tesla tells White House and DOE, In writing, it will sell 200,000 cars by 2010. Competing applicants all say that only  10,000 to 50,000 electric cars can be sold by then. First hard evidence of Tesla “cooking the books” found.

December. White House staff order Dept. of Energy to only fund companies from their "special list" of campaign backers

December. Google investors and executives become key shareholders in Tesla and agree to control all media to benefit Tesla

December. Tesla says it will build it's factory in San Jose, CA. It lied and it is discovered that all of the different failed factory location announcements have to do with Dianne Feinstein's husband's screwed up real estate deals.
November. Tesla revealed it had requested about $400 million in loans for the Model S and powertrain manufacturing, under the Department of Energy's Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) program.

March. Tesla unveiled two Model S prototypes at the Los Angeles headquarters of Tesla CEO Elon Musk's other startup, SpaceX. Tesla had decided to build a design studio at the factory. Tesla began taking reservations for the Model S. More than 500 people reserved a car in the first week.
June. Tesla gets approval for $465 million in low-interest loans from the Department of Energy in exchange for campaign funding provided by Tesla and Google VC's. Tesla has written over 30 lies in it's Dept. of Energy Application, which Steven Chu is aware of, yet ignores, at White House request.

January. Tesla registered for an initial public offering of stock. Tesla uses "free" taxpayer loan to exploit taxpayer dollars to fake the value of it's stock while also receiving free tax credits which it sells at a profit in exchange for campaign funds, thus fully qualifying as an organized crime operation.

February- Dianne Feinstein and Her real estate mogul husband execute profit stock calls on the Solyndra and NUMMI/Tesla factory properties for personal profit in exchange for campaign funding
May. Tesla bought NUMMI with taxpayer money - the former Toyota and General Motors factory in Fremont (manipulated by Feinstein), California, for $42 million. Toyota Motor and Tesla announced they will cooperate on electric vehicle development. Toyota purchased Tesla shares.

June. 800 employees. Tesla shares began trading on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. They gained 40.5 percent.

Tesla works closely with Eric Holder to avoid public investigations

January. Tesla ended production of the Roadster to focus on the Model S. The roadster had already had multiple lithium battery fires which were covered up according to Tesla's Bernard Tse.
February. Tesla revealed the Model X - a small SUV and says it will go on sale in early 2014.
June. 2000 employees. The Model S was officially launched at the Fremont factory. Retail deliveries of the Model S started in the United States.
September. Unveiled the Supercharger network. 

May. 4000 employees.    
August. First Model S in Europe. Tesla formalizes relationship with Panasonic for batteries even as Panasonic is being charged with organized crime, price fixing, dumping and the deaths of thousands of factory workers and nearby neighbors to the factories.  Tesla/Panasonic “Gigafactory” plan charged with exploiting Mexican workers with lethal work environment, toxic poisoning, nearby dangers to towns.

September. Shadow team of special investigators document over 30 federal crimes that Tesla, and Tesla investors, engaged in. Federal law enforcement is ordered to: "Leave Tesla alone, for now" by White House staff.  

Musk is caught on recorded audio and video admitting that Tesla was broke when it applied for Dept. of Energy funds, thus breaking the Section 136 federal law for the ATVM and LGP loans.

Hackers designate Tesla as “The most easily hacked car in the world”. Fears of eavesdropping and forced battery overload attacks. Chinese hackers have already penetrated all of the Model S Tesla's.

As of this date; 4 top Tesla staff and 6 related reporters and partners had died mysteriously.

Chinese hackers have now fully scoured all of the servers of Silicon Valley technology companies and VC's. They learn about major Cisco vulnerabilities and use these back-doors to penetrate a large portion of the State and federal agencies of the USA.

Musk now has multiple people from In-Q-Tel working for him. In-Q-Tel is revealed as being involved in the drug trade including a seizure of 5 tons of cocaine on it's airplanes. Musk silent partner Eric Schmidt is helping fund, and promote, In-Q-Tel. The head of the largest digital drug Cartel: Silk Road, is found to be working for both Musk and Eric Schmidt. Comparisons between the Delorean cocaine issues and the Tesla drug issues are examined.

Elon Musk is forced to take out loans from the same corrupt bankers he has been working with all this time as they are the only ones will to participate. Musk launches a number of funding efforts as demand for his products along with an extensive list of technical defects and explosions hits hard.

Multiple former employees are now leaking the dirt on Tesla. One is arrested, others turn states evidence or whistle-blowers.

Musk announces that his toxic Nevada lithium ion factory, created with Senator Harry Reid, will try to dig up some lithium from some nearby holes in Nevada in order to try to distract from the fact that the majority of his lithium was always planned to come from countries his investors wanted invaded.

Stay tuned.. more coming...


Elon Musk screws over customers again, this time with his Solar City

We saw White House and Energy Department executives engage in bribery, and organized crime, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it

We saw White House and Energy Department executives engage in bribery, and organized crime, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it






The facts are clear. The evidence is indisputable. The financial records, email leaks, witnesses, stock disclosures, offshore records and published testimony prove that White House staff and Steven Chu’s federal Department of Energy set about rigging hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer cash for their friends.




Their friends were Elon Musk, John Doerr, Eric Schmidt, Steve Jurvetson, Vinohd Khosla and that Cartel of Silicon Valley men who had paid for White House campaigns. The transfer of state and federal cash and resources, to this Cartel, was a felony crime.




Over 200 of our companies, over 800 of our staff will testify, in public hearings, to the veracity of these facts. The White House will do anything to stop us from speaking out. The White House has ordered federal, and state, law enforcement to “take no action”. We have demanded a “special Prosecutor or a public hearing. It has been blockaded by White House staff.




We have, as a group, placed all of the evidence that we know of, in the hands of the law and the public. It is up to the world to now judge.




If you live in the United States, you need to consider the ramifications of the trillions of dollars in losses that your U.S. Treasury, and in essence, you have suffered, because of this crime.




If you live outside the United States, you need to consider the loss of resources, that you used to get from the U.S. , that the U.S. can now not afford to give you, because so much money was lost in this malfeasance in federal offices.




The White House Press office refuses to even acknowledge the issue for fear of the “Streisand Effect”.




In short, Steven Chu and Eric Holder were placed in office by the Cartel in order to rig and “hard-wire” TARP and DOE funding directly back to the Cartel. They did. It worked as planned. Only The Cartel got the money, and government gifts, and all 200 other of us got sabotaged, manipulated and defrauded.




The White House rigged enforcement agencies, courts, media and Google rankings in order to halt any justice efforts. The cover-up was almost perfect.




“Almost” is the key.




Between Snowden, Assange, Guccifer, Chinese Hackers, The HSBC investigations, The Sony leaks, Senate investigations, GAO investigations, 60 Minutes, Private investigators, news journalists, whistle-blowers, and a few of the last ethical employees left in Washington, DC…. “Almost” was not good enough.




You will notice that as soon as they got the money Solyndra, A123, Fisker, Ener1, Abound, and a host of the other front companies for the Cartel, suddenly went out of business. The Cartel had skimmed it’s money off of the top and run for Switerland.




In just the six trillion dollar loss in Afghan lithium mining deals, the 500 million lost on Solyndra, the massive amounts lost on all of the rest, the failure was epic in scope. Solyndra used Afghan mined materials that caught fire when exposed to the sun. Too bad it was a solar panel company. Tesla used lithium that exploded when it got bumped, or wet, and released cancer-causing fumes. Too bad Elon Musk was the White House’s best friend. The political embarrassment is palpable.




The White House protects Elon Musk’s stock structure and corporate existence, because the failure of Musk would simply create so much media coverage, Obama would have to resign. It is now at the point of being just silly. Nobody wants Tesla’s cars, Musk’s solar panels are being beat by many others, His rockets blow up so bad that NASA had to go back to Russia to buy dependable rockets. He is constantly sued for fraud and the world thinks he is an arrogant prick. Musk’s partnership with Google, for stock pumps and web-search manipulation, are now notorious.




The federal protocol for the “Cleantech Crash”, as it is now known, is: “Just ignore it, maybe it will go away”. That might have worked in the 70’s, but not in today’s transparent, deeply documented, digital world. Not only is it not going away, the lack of resolution is making the scandal geometrically worse for the White House and Obama’s “legacy”. This was already ten times worse than “Watergate”. President Obama must stand up, take responsibility, and resolve the issues with us. Man up, we say!




If The President wants to say “ he only heard about it when he read about it in the paper”, that is fine. He will need to explain how his most senior staff; including Valarie Jarrett, Rahm Emanual, David Plouffe, Robert Gibbs, Steve Rattner, Bill Daly and others, that sat right outside the Oval Office; were running the scam; without him catching a clue about it.




It was a nice try. The Cartel got the cash. All of their competitors got put out of business by the malicious efforts of those who ran the scam, and monopolies were created. It was felony crime. You are not supposed to do felony crimes to the taxpayers when the taxpayers put you in office.




Each year we offer to go on live network television, with a debate between Valarie Jarrett, Rahm Emanual, David Plouffe, Robert Gibbs, Steve Rattner, Bill Daly, Elon Musk, John Doerr and eight of our folks. We challenged them to face the facts, and the light of transparency. They refuse. They know they have nothing to keep them out of jail in the face of the truth.




This was organized crime that they engaged in. They planned it. They rigged it. They manipulated public policy and public funds. We have sworn to the veracity of our facts.




Since this Administration only seems to offer cover-ups, lies and obfuscation; we have made certain that others will not suffer the same fate. We have worked with the voters to improve laws, investigations and disclosures so that, now, the pain of trying this kind of corruption, again, will be greater than the benefits.




Without breaking any laws, unlike the White House and Department of Energy staff, we have gotten most of them fired, or forced into resignations.




Frankly, we feel like we got raped by our elected officials. We were asked on a date, seduced, used, robbed, abused and tossed aside while the abusers went on to marry the prostitute on the corner and paid her off with our money and assets. Seriously, once you read the full case files, you will appreciate the metaphor.




We will never give up. Some of us have died, in the interim, seeking justice. We will never give up. We believe you have to fight for what is right. That is what created America. We are American’s.




We don’t break laws. We fight to put law-breakers and corrupt politicians in jail. Every American deserves that justice.




It is wrong for these kinds of people to abuse our country, our trust and our dreams. Their arrogance will be their downfall. Thinking that they can do what they want with voters money, for their personal benefit is just wrong. Manipulating our government for personal profit, while damaging taxpaying voters is the greatest social crime.




To the White House, we say: Do you believe in God? Do you believe in right and wrong? If you do not have a religion, do you have a conscience?




Eternity is a pretty long time. Whether or not you are religious, you can either fix this today, or have the world remember you, for all eternity, as a pack of crooks. History does not look favorably on criminals and political corrupter’s.




Aside from the moral issues, you friends, family and 300 million voters, for the rest of your living days, will always look at you with that sideways kind of look that says: “there goes that one that did that bad thing”. Think about how that will feel for the rest of the time you walk this Earth.




White House Folks: We know, you know, the cops know. Stop telling yourself fairy stories about this “just going away”. It hasn’t. It won’t!




We are still waiting for a call-back from The White House…






















Elon Musk’s Hyperloop predicted to turn human beings into “bloody applesauce”

Elon Musk's Hyperloop predicted to turn human beings into “bloody applesauce”

- STAGE8 Advocates

Put a crowd of human beings in a can and connect that can to the ground in a line that never varies. Shoot that can down the line at speeds so high that any error, even the tiniest one, could turn the people inside, instantly, into what one investigator calls “bloody human applesauce”.

An earthquake, ISIS, a way-ward pick-up truck, a flood, a tornado, a cow on the tracks, a computer error, a driver mis-calculation, a confused self-diving car, a hacker attack, a solar flare, a fallen tree and hundreds of other possibilities could kill every passenger, at once, in the most horrible manner possible. It is a disaster nightmare guaranteed to happen. The ambulance drivers will be picking up the victims with a sponge.

For those who wish to do harm to others, now increasing in the new world, the Hyperloop gives them a perfectly timed opportunity to create a small anomaly which will cause an epic amount of death. The Hyperloop could not be a worse-timed, more ill-conceived operation.

Musk insists: “Oh we will have the latest technology. Nothing will happen.” But that is what the other CEO's of the companies that had terrible disasters said. The many filed lawsuits against Musk, for fraud; demonstrate that he has a loose relationship with the truth and a close relationship with “Hype”.

Regular trains have been suffering horrible human disasters, now featured in full color on You Tube, in increasing numbers.  What kind of naiveté is making the Hyperloop people believe that they are immune to reality?

It is the open-eyed naiveté of Greed!

You see, Elon Musk has long been associated with railroad baron: Richard Blum. Richard “Dick” Blum of the railroad property of the FBI-raided Solyndra and next door property Tesla; Richard Blum of the high speed rail project so corrupt that a law had to be made to try to slow him down; Richard Blum who has a wife named Dianne Ferinstein, who keeps routing state and federal tax dollar kick-backs to all of Elon Musk's companies. Many think that the “Hyperloop” is an attempt to bypass the curtailment of the Feinstein/Blum's other railroad project. “THAT” Richard Blum is also under investigation for profiteering, Chinese contractors, Post Office real estate scams, University regent rigging, and more.

Musk uses hype to baffle Senators into giving him billions of taxpayer dollars for all of his companies so that he can turn around and fund their campaigns with the very same money. It is called a “kick-back” scheme.

Musk's billions and his Tesla, Solar City and Space X could not possibly still be alive without tens of billions of dollars of tax credits, free real estate, fee waivers and cash that state and federal agency heads just handed him in exchange for some “perks”. The Hyperloop is the same story. Hyperloop can't exist without government kick-backs. Nobody in the consumer market asked for a “Hyperloop”. As usual, all of the media stories and blogs expressing excitement about the Hyperloop have been traced back to Elon Musk, and his Troll Farms. It is nearly a joke that Musk's latest hype-scam actually has the word “Hype” in it! It is, as if, he is taunting the authorities. He believes that corrupt Senators protect him from prosecution. That bet may be running out.

Musk, and his Google investment partners, have been handed, as a kick-back, most of NASA, free NASA jet fuel for their private jets, free NASA airfields, Free NASA buildings, Free financing for their car, solar and spy satellite factories, Free H1-B overseas labor, and more..on the backs of the public.

While the inevitable disaster of “human sausage” is horrific, the disaster of allowing Elon Musk to engage in another corrupt hype-scam, on the pain of the taxpayer, is the biggest, most horrific, disaster of all.


Who is setting the California Wildfires?

Who is setting the California Wildfires?





The Internet is rife with theories. Let’s examine a few:




Mother Nature: The official culprit




Immigrants looking for land: This theory says that immigrants know that land will be cheap if it is going at post-apocalyptic prices




Immigrants looking for work: This theory says that contractors hire immigrants for the re-building of fire ravaged regions, so a good fire brings a good bunch iof jobs.




ISIS: Because they do bad things.




China: A bunch of China’s top industrial plants mysteriously caught fire right after China hacked all of the U.S. federal servers. Did the U.S. set Chinese plants on fire from space and now China is setting California on fire, from space, in revenge?




The state of California: California gets big bucks from the feds when it gets to declare: “A state of emergency”. More people have suddenly left California because it is too expensive to live there. Did California officials burn their own state for profit?




Fire-Fighters: The economy is still bad, despite what the news says, fire-fighters get paid a decent wage. Huge numbers of people are being employed to fight the fires. Are the fires a novel form of job creation?




Russia: Russia is the acknowledged leader in weather-control weapons. Could Russia be aiming lightning at Clifornia? Is that why all those Russian war planes were caught flying right off the California Coast just before the latest fire rampage?




Kids: Idiot kids with matches and road flares may just be trying to see how much TV than can create.




You-Tube-ers: Idiot You Tube posters may be trying to see how much You Tube craziness they can post.




Crazies: Crazy people will craze.




Tesla Cars exploding batteries: Elon Musk’s cars are world famous for having lithium ion batteries that burst into flames for no reason. California has the largest number of Tesla’s and the largest numbers of Tesla fires.




No matter the cause, the State of California needs all of the resources it can get, right now.




Please call your local Red Cross to see how you can help. Donate supplies to your local church. If you are able, contact CALFIRE to join a fire crew.













Why Tesla Motors Sucks Monkey Balls

Why Tesla Motors Sucks Monkey Balls

By Carson Evers for EV Alternatives

Monkey Balls are the most horrible kind of balls there are. Not only are they hairy, and matted with mud, bugs, scabs and crusty effluents but they stink in the worst way possible.

Because of this, when people say that Tesla Motors, and Elon Musk, for that matter, “Suck Monkey Balls”, they mean it in a manner which calls into question the ethics and quality of the Tesla cars.

There is certainly no possible doubt about the fact that Elon Musk used the worst possible energy storage technology on Earth. Every state, federal, academic and research study has, clearly, stated that his batteries blow up when they get wet, get bumped or just when they feel like it. Elon Musk's own engineers wrote that his batteries could injure you, kill you, or burn your home or office down. They wrote this in Tesla's federal patent filings which are filed with the U.S. Government, and which any person can go read. Go take a look. His patents “sucked Monkey Balls”, so bad that he had to give them all away because they openly stated, in Tesla's own words, what a dumb idea they were.

Tesla drivers have been burned alive by his batteries. This is a matter of fact. The U.S. Department of Energy recently had secret video's that they made, exposed on the news reports. These videos, and their associate documents, prove that the batteries, that Elon Musk used, were a deadly danger to the consumer. Tesla has set  homes, garages and Malibu Canyon on fire.

Musk knew this ahead of time He still sold them. Why? The reality of the motivation shows, in dramatic clarity, why Tesla's Monkey Ball Suckage is so supreme: Elon Musk, White House staff, a couple Senators and Musk's investors owned the exclusive supply chain for that particular kind of dirty battery.

On top of that, Musk and Tesla scammed U.S. taxpayers out of billions of dollars in order to pay for his scheme. Tesla used taxpayer cash to fund his investors monopoly of lithium ion auto batteries.

Because Tesla, and Musk, were so greedy, they didn't even engineer a car battery system. They just put a bunch of fancy flashlight batteries, that were never, ever created to be used in cars, in a metal box, in a configuration that makes re-percussive explosions inevitable. When one battery goes off, from getting bumped, wet or sad; it fires the next one off and the next one… nearly 8000 chances of an explosion, in each Tesla.

Here is one of the worst parts: Want some CANCER, brain damage, liver damage or a deformed fetus? Then you have come to the right place if that place is Tesla Motors. Walk into any Tesla Motors showroom and ask them to sign a “warrant and guarantee” that “they state, as fact, that Tesla Motors lithium ion batteries will not give you CANCER, brain damage, liver damage or a deformed fetus when the batteries blow-up or burn”. They won't sign it. They know, for a fact, that every state, federal, academic and research study has clearly stated that his batteries contain the chemicals which cause these horrible medical afflictions, and that those chemicals are inhaled, and skin absorbed, by you, your family, and any persons nearby, when the batteries “have a thermal incident”.

Everyone has seen how Elon Musk sits around all day long spouting out press releases about nuclear bombs on Mars and super-trains and other altruistic-sounding BS. He does this to create a cover story in order to distract from the truth about what he is up to. He used tax payer money to get rich on the back of public policy corruption. Stealing money from the public is not work. Going from one ditsy model to the next is not work. Musk sits around in his black turtleneck and does nothing but talk about himself all the time. Is that work? Not so much.

Because Tesla, and Musk, were so greedy, they didn't do their homework.

So, if you have not decided, on our own, based on the above facts, (that you can easily verify on your own), that “Tesla Motors and Elon Musk, suck Monkey Balls” here are some more facts that may be helpful to you:

U.S. Senators are not supposed to engage in criminal corruption. If you pay any attention to the elections, and if you still believe that the 40% of your money, that is taken out of your pay check, is really supposed to be used by the Senators to help you, and not hurt you, then listen up.

Elon Musk paid off Senators Feinstein and Reid with cash, stock, contracts, campaign resources and other perks, in order to get them to get him his taxpayer cash. Those two corrupt senate folks worked side, by side, just like Monkey Balls, to rig state and federal funds for Musk. Both of them own Musk (and next door/same deal Solyndra) real estate deals, construction deals, staffing deals, stock deals, and other insider perks gifted from Musk.

No matter what you think about the technology, you have to have a moral opinion about public offices engaged in organized crime and corruption in order to lift money out of your pocket. If, for no other reason, you kind of have to hate Elon Musk for being a crook.

Musk has a facial structure which includes enlarged cheek pouches and squirrel-like exposed upper teeth. He uses these to constantly grin at any nearby audience. He does not make direct eye contact with the person speaking to him. He is constantly waving his grin back and forth, like a searchlight panning back and forth over a foggy sea of self-adulation. He seeks attention, above all else.

Let's add up the Monkey Ball factors so far:
1. Crappy technology
2. Dangerous technology
3. Political corruption
4. Ripping off taxpayers
5. Unmitigated narcissism of the boss
6. Cancer, fried brains and livers, mutant babies

But wait, there's more..

Tesla and Elon Musk have been sued, over and over, for fraud. The people that sued are substantial players in all of this. They were his co-founders, wives, partners, investors, customers, supplies and more. If that many people went to all of the time, and expense, to sue someone that big, for fraud; maybe Musk and Tesla Are frauds.

There is a law called the “Lemon Law” that says that it is not legal to sell the public cars that are “lemons”. Tesla was sued under the Lemon Law and THEY LOST, in court, because the court found that Tesla was selling Lemon Cars.  Would you like a squeeze of lemon with your Monkey Balls?

Tesla's investors pitched Washington that they could scoop “trillions of dollars of battery mining deals” out of Afghanistan, in order to convince Congress to kill a whole bunch more Afghan people and American soldiers. So far that little adventure in Afghanistan has cost American taxpayers over 6 trillion dollars. There is no end in sight and nothing to show for it. Websearch the terms: “trillions of dollars of lithium in Afghanistan” and “Afghnistan is the Saudi Arabia of lithium”.

Elon Musk did not create Tesla Motors. He stole it from the creator in a hostile take-over, because he wanted it for his battery scam. He took Tesla away from actual founder Martin Eberhardt. Martin sued Musk and blogged about him being a scammer.

But, wait, there's more.

Elon Musk and Google are partners in politics, media manipulation, and stock market scams. Both of them hired many people from a company called In-Q-Tel. Both of them got money from In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel was caught with airplanes with 5 tons of cocaine on-board. The head of the biggest online drug operation in history: Silk Road, worked for Elon Musk and programmed for Google projects. Google deletes, hides and down-ranks anything that tries to expose the truth about Elon Musk or Tesla. Google, Musk and In-Q-Tel have some, very, very weird relationships and history.

When bad news comes out about Musk or Tesla, Google has been proven to eliminate the negative news, on the internet, and suddenly pump the stock market with a smoke-screen shiny-object-story timed with stock buy-backs and Flash Boy algorithms in order to fake the appearance of Tesla stock surges.

Tesla cars are the easiest, in the world, to hack and take-over. Chinese hackers make a game out of hacking them. They can find every single Tesla on Earth just by looking on the Internet. An incredibly large number of Tesla's have suddenly swerved off cliffs and killed their drivers. An incredibly large number of Tesla's have suddenly swerved into on-coming lanes and killed people in oncoming cars, bicyclists and others. This has been covered up by Elon Musk but all of the facts that prove the extraordinary number of these Tesla “accidents” are on public police record. Tesla has been sued for homicide.

Academic studies, and arrests, have shown that more drunks, and sex addicts, drive Tesla's than any other car per capita. That's comforting.

Tesla has spent more money to sell less cars, than any company in history. There is nothing novel about Tesla electric cars. They have been around since the 1800's. To put this another way: So few people actually want Tesla's that they public has been burdened with spending 3 hours a week, working to give up their tax money, in order to fund the drunks and sex addicts who did get Tesla's.

Here is the shocker. The list of Tesla/Musk horrors goes on an on. The above is only a small sample. The Monkey Ball Suck factor of this Tesla lake of corruption and sketchy technology is vast.

How is Musk still walking around free? 

He is protected, for now, by dirty politicians who won't let the cops do their job. Call the FBI, The GAO, The U.S. Treasury, The Attorney General and ask them how you can help them get out from under the executive orders to “stand down” on Musk. 

Without justice for all, there is justice for none. If the 1% all have a get-out-of-jail card, then no voter is secure.


Are Peter Thiel and Google Actually Making A Sex Robot That Can Get Pregnant?

Are Peter Thiel and Google Actually Making A Sex Robot That Can Get Pregnant?



Peter Thiel created huge controversy by funding and developing companies than can grow any creature on a desktop. He created desktop genetics and “personal body parts” easy-bake-oven-type DIY genetic creature sculpting. His buddies at Google have been fanatically building robots that look and act like humans. Their neighborhood: Silicon Valley, has been rife with high-end prostitution scandals, hooker murders, and sex dens. Some technical extremists (males) are using Peter Thiel’s technology to seek to “grow their own vagina’s”.



The controversy about sex with robots is now raging across the Internet. In fact many crazy rich tech billionaires are already having sex with robots. Over 20 companies now sell humanistic robots and robotoids for sex. A number of entrepreneurial brothels are installing “robot sex rooms”. The dark, twisted future is here.



While it is hard for the average person to understand Silicon Valley’s fascination with weird sex and sex with machines, it is not hard for most people to come to grips with their feelings about getting robots pregnant.



Everyone saw the movie: “The Matrix”. In this film, humans are grown in plastic pods on giant robot trees. The idea for getting robots pregnant is the same thing. You pay 200 bucks for an hour with a robot Pamela Anderson. At the end, as an option, for an extra $15,000.00, you get to lease that robot for 9 months while it grows your baby inside it’s scientifically perfect womb. It’s vinyl stomach expands, over time, so you can drop by and see your baby develop.



The implications are astonishing, terrifying and unexpected. This is not the future. This is today. You can buy the sex robots; they get more realistic every month. Peter Thiel’s companies, and many more, can grow a living being from embryo to full size creature. Test tube babies have been around for decades. The feel of whipped foam latex flesh now feel;s even better than the real thing. Business plans, have now been circulated to investors, that promise to deliver on pregnant sex robots.



Conservatives, who already hated Silicon Valley for being the primary source of funding for the Obama campaign, now have twice as much to be delighted about.



Churches have a hard enough time with gay marriage because it terminates the traditional paths to church revenue. If they didn’t like the “end of families” that they think gays create, what are they going to think about single-parent families with a robot mommy?



Liberals are known to be sexually overt. Liberals like their sex, and lots of it. Will liberals embrace this additional opportunity for more way to have sex or will, they too, shun it because it isn’t “organic.” Liberals like old Mother Nature, trees and natural things. Popping a baby out of a chrome microwave incu-bot belly is anything but organic. Will they but into this?



The sad reality is, even if both liberals and conservatives cry out and march in the streets, there is little they can do to stop it. The buyers who have created the market for these cultural monstrosities are the 1%-er rich narcissists who will do anything for a kinky thrill. The world has read, in shock, about the “Sex Island pedophile scandal” of billonaire Epstein, The billionaire sex clubs of Europe, The British “Elite political pedophile sex clubs”, and the record-breaking number of escorts that Silicon Valley fly’s into San Francisco International Airport everyday. These people, all men, like to see how far they can go before anybody tries to stop them. These men need their sex and fast cars like normal people need air.



Their attitudes, arrogance, narcissism and abusive self-centered personalities, though, make them un-dateable and un-marry-able. 90% of Silicon Valley divorce papers state that the reason for divorce is “abuse” by the man. Nailing a robot may be the only hope for the world, if we are to keep innocent normal women out of their clutches. That might be the partial upside.



The downside, though, is that they might adjust the timer on their sex-bot’s baby-belly from 9 months to 3 weeks. Imagine having one new arrogant, narcissistic, abusive, self-centered little prick pop out into the world every 3 weeks. OMG!


Tesla Motors Owners Likely To Get Tax Audits. The “deviant drivers” of Tesla.

Tesla Motors Owners Likely To Get Tax Audits. The “deviant drivers” of Tesla.




In multiple demographics studies, the people who buy Tesla Motors cars have been analyzed, by psychologists, marketing groups, sociologists and statisticians.




Per the following study, and others, they are found to, mostly, be: sex perverts, thrill junkies, cheaters, narcissists, ego-centric and entitled to the point of feeling that they are above-the-law.






For years, the media has deeply detailed the corruption that created Tesla Motors. Certain men have still bought Tesla’s, in spite of the glaring evidence that the company is corrupt. Law enforcement, tax authorities and regulators, have taken notice of this fact.




Just as gun owners are now under extra scrutiny, Tesla owners are being deeply examined to look for law-breaking, financial crimes, tax fraud and related incidents connected to their intrinsic perversions.




The U.S. Department of Justice has just redirected it’s efforts from “corrupt corporations” to “corrupt individuals”. Tesla ownership appears to put the spotlight on this particular group of deviant drivers.




In the HSBC and Guccifer hacks and leaks, cross checking the names of those hiding money with Tesla ownership yielded some interesting results.




The arrogance of Tesla drivers is world renown. Does that arrogance extend to an arrogance of ethics, legal statutes, and tax codes?




Nobody “needs” a Tesla to get around. Instead of $110,000.00+, you can get all of the same transportation dynamics for $12,000.00. It is just a car. The only thing you can’t get with a regular car is the “social statement”. The cops, authorities and community activists now think that the actual; statement being made by Tesla owners is: “I’m a dick. I know it. I don’t care about you, or your laws. I am above all that!”




No sane person is impressed by a Tesla any more. It is not only “old hat”, it is a sign of very negative things about the owner. There are many other cars that now do the same thing, do it better, do it more safely (Tesla’s explode and emit cancer-causing fumes), do it for far less money and don’t come from a company that seems to have bribed Congress-people in order to get funded.




Even the owner of Tesla Motors: Elon Musk, has a dark reality: Non-stop divorces. Huge numbers of fraud lawsuits from his co-founders, employees, investors, suppliers, etc. Multiple federal investigations are already focused on him.




Tesla owners beware: buying that Tesla red-flags you to society, and the law, as a person who is not to be trusted. Try the new electric BMW’s, Porsche’s or other fine super cars that do not come with all of the psychological baggage.


Zero Dark Thirty: The Sex Behind The Story

Zero Dark Thirty: The Sex Behind The Story

  • A number of articles have appeared suggesting that Maya, the spy, in the movie, dated one of the filmmakers.
  • Earrings, booze, fashion show tickets, trips to beach houses revealed in FOIA report.

Did Elon Musk Cause 9/11?

Did Elon Musk Cause 9/11?


 #1. There is no doubt that Afghanistan is somehow involved in 9/11. Every single government, conspiracy theorist and analyst has said so. The CIA and FBI have said so. The U.S. Senate has said so.

#2. All of the pitch documents, sent around by Elon Musk’s investment partners with the titles of:

“Trillions of dollars of lithium in Afghanistan”


“Afghanistan is the Saudi Arabia of Lithium”

…Prove that they thought that “Afghanistan was worth trillions of dollars”

#3. All of Elon Musk’s business ventures rely on lithium.

#4. Elon Musk got the biggest political kick-backs in American history.

#5. All of Musk’s business partners own stock in lithium related supply lines and ventures.

#6. Almost all of the Senators that approved Musk’s state and federal kickbacks  own stock in lithium related supply lines and ventures.


But that is probably all just a coincidence.., right?



Over 10,000 Exploding battery incidents “Covered Up” by Senators to pad their bank accounts

Over 10,000 Exploding battery incidents “Covered Up” by Senators to pad their bank accounts


Every single day, lithium ion batteries explode and release cancer causing fumes, while setting things on fire.

White House staff and U.S. Senators own Lithium Ion battery stocks. They don’t want you to know about these dangers because it will hurt their personal profits.

White House campaign financiers are the largest owners of lithium ion battery asset and commodity mining revenues.

These exploding batteries have crashed numerous planes, killing people.

These batteries have blown up Tesla and Fisker electric cars and burned drivers alive.

These self-igniting batteries have set children, homes, senior citizens, offices, Apple Stores and forests on fire.

The materials for those particular batteries come from Afghanistan and Bolivia.

See the problem?

The very people that are supposed to protect you from these dangers, pay for their mansions with these dangerous products and cover up the dangers out of pure greed and self-interest.