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Over 2000 prostitutes per day flown into SFO by Silicon Valley tech men. Billionaire’s get a pass on sex trafficking

You see them all day and night at the curb on the “go-round” at San Francisco International Airport. Strangely pretty women standing by themselves. Collars pulled up high, floppy hats and praying mantis-like oversized dark sunglasses.

They are the pizza-girls of sex. Delivered, on demand, for the rich men of Silicon Valley, by United Airlines, Singapore Air and all of the major carriers. All those much older guys in the restaurants on University Avenue in Palo Alto with the very young girls..yep, That’s what’s up!

For anywhere from $2500.00 to $6000.00 per shot, you can have a Chinese movie star, a Thai fashion model, a Parisian courtesan, a Russian Victoria Secret look-alike, a Vietnamese artist, a hollywood B-movie actress or a New York “fashion model” in your Los Altos condo for unlimited sex.

You go to one of thousands of websites, in-between your Google “mindfulness” classes at the Google-Plex, look up a girl you want, click “call”, enter your bitcoins and she is there within 48 hours.

SFPD says: “we can’t go up to these girls and accuse them of being prostitutes just because they look hot.”.. “It is a very tricky situation..”. “You can’t just go up to a hot girl at the airport and say “are you a hooker?” without cause..” “The men have secure condos and neither side will talk…”

Some law enforcement agencies have ringed Silicon Valley with StingRay cell phone interception devices but even with the recording of every cell phone call in Silicon Valley, the girls use code word language to bypass the taps.

You have preloaded hundreds of thousands of dollars of bitcoin into your bitcoin account or had your assistant buy many thousands of dollars of single use VISA cards at Walgreens for you.


Many of the girls do “triples”. They, or their agents/pimps, email other clients that the girl is on the way to Silicon Valley so they can have “sloppy seconds” at a heavily discounted price, because the girl is already in the area. The technology company executives with lapsing ESOP’s go for the Sloppy seconds deals, while Facebook, Yahoo and Google executives have the cash for the “first-nighters.”

Competition from Stanford Sorority girls working “The Hill” (the nickname for SandHill Road, where all the VC’s are) is offset by the fact that the Stanford girls have to stay deeper undercover while the foreign sex-star girls can advertise freely on the internet, making their mystique more attractive.

The Death-By-Hooker of top Google Executive Hayes, recently, has opened a deep view into the vast sex addiction rings of Silicon Valley. Like Hayes, most of the Silicon Valley executives are married, and have a sex-condo on the side, or use the RoseWood Hotel, which was built for such escapades. Boys AND girls are flown in.


Billionaire’s get a pass on sex trafficking